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C Bras

C Bras - Finding the perfect bra sizes can be a challenge for many women, but it doesn't have to be. Equipping yourself with a few easy tips can make it smooth sailing when you're out on your next shopping adventure.

Here are three must-dos when shopping for c cup bras.

C Bras: Bra Shopping

  • First, be relieved to be a C cup! C bras are a very popular size, which provides you with a multitude of different style and brand options.
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  • Second, embrace yourself. It's a well known fact that most women are unhappy with their size, whether it's bra size or clothing.

    The sooner you're able to embrace your size, the sooner you're able to enjoy the process of lingerie and bra shopping.

    Always remember that YOU and only YOU hold the key to feeling empowered.

  • Third, if you don't have a clear vision of what you want or need, get some help. Find a specialist in the lingerie department.

    Women who work in lingerie (called professional bra fitters) sell undergarments for a living. They are specially trained to help you find the best bras for your shape and size.

    Look for a fitter who makes you feel comfortable, who is knowledgeable, and who maintains an open ear to your needs.

The Importance of A Good Bra Fit

So, now that you have the basics, there are a few more fit and style tips that will help.

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When wearing C bras or any bras, fit is everything. With a truly good fit, women avoid discomfort and gain peace of mind.

This means a yearly bra fitting. It may seem excessive but it's a must, especially if there has been any shift in weight or shape. Think of it as a part of keeping yourself healthy.

The absolute best bra fit boosts confidence and empowers women in an intimate way. And, it all starts when a woman's band size is measured first and then the bra cup size can be determined.

The band and cup work together to create a unique fit. Don't worry if your brand or cup size is bigger (or smaller) than you assumed.

When looking at the cup and band, keep in mind they should support the breasts without constricting or making anything uncomfortable.

Tips For Underwire Bras

Underwire bras (if you so choose) should be wide enough for the breast to gently rest in the cup. Under wire should never press into a breast.

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If, it does, this means the cup is too narrow, and therefore, too small. An undewire that fits properly should not be felt.

Once you've been fit and have a sense of your size, you can search for a style of bra that fits your needs.

There are a multitude of different types of bras; classic and specialty bras designed for a variety of functions and occasions.

A bra style should blend function with personal flare. So, when bra shopping do your homework ahead of time and be prepared.

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If you need an every day bra, wear a top or shirt that best captures your everyday top. If you need the perfect bra for a gown, bring the garment with you if possible.

If you're shopping for a sports bra, be sure to do a few jumping jacks in the dressing room. Don't worry, no one will know!

And make room for this last bit of advice. Just once in your life, purchase a piece of lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and then, purchase the matching panty. An indulgence like this is worth more than words and can make you feel like a million!

Shopping Online 

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From sleek Calvin Klein bras and Wacoal bras to Champion sports bras and bridal bras, and everything in between, bra shopping has never been more affordable or offered better options.

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Need help with bra sizes Check out our easy 3 step bra size calculator for sizing tips and finding the right bra size.

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