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B Cup Bra Guide

B Cup Bra. Of the many different bra sizes, the b cup offers women the greatest choice of bra styles, fabrics and colors.

Why? It is one of the most common bra sizes, and virtually every brassiere from a front closure bra to a cami bra is available in a b cup which can make bra shopping for average busted women an endless lingerie cornucopia.

Whether you find yourself in the lingerie boutique at the mall or in front of your computer shopping online, when it comes to so many types of bras it may seem complicated, but it isn't really.

It's quite easy when you understand the basics. There are two main categories that brassieres fall into: underwire and wirefree bras.

b cup bra

B Cup Bra Basics

Let's take a closer look at the two.

  • Underwire bras – are characterized by a molded U shaped underwire that is embedded in the bra cup and rests directly under the breasts.

    Underwire bras of yesteryear more often than not had a metal underwire that many women found uncomfortable.

    Luckily, technology has improved and the underwire bras of today now use a flexible plastic underwire that is far more comfortable and less constrictive.

    What is the benefit of wearing an underwire B cup bra? It coaxes and nudges the breasts into a rounded shape and a smooth, tailored look.

    A good example of this are seamless bras that have seamless cups with an underwire for support. This makes them them an ideal choice for your tight fitting shirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, dresses and clothing.

  • Wirefree bras – are the opposite of underwire bras and do not have an underwire; they have a "soft cup".

    b cup bra

    Also known as wireless bras or soft cup bras, these brassieres are a popular alternative for women who do not feel comfortable wearing a heavy underwire everyday.

    They are also a good choice for women who've had breast surgery, new mothers and women who have a greater sensitivity.

    These are also good bras for weekend wear as they have a more relaxed fit and aren't as structured or heavy as underwire bras.

    It's important to keep in mind that while they are comfy, wirefree bras don't provide the level of support of an underwire.


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