A Training Bra Is The
First Bra For Preteens

A training bra is the first bra worn by girls whose breasts are just beginning to develop.

Designed for girls whose breasts are not yet full enough for a traditional bra, training bras help girls adjust physically and psychologically to the idea of wearing a brassiere every day.

They come in several different types of bras, so every girl can find something that she enjoys wearing and finds comfortable.

The first training bra a girl will wear is usually little more than a lined bra camisole. These bras help conceal nipples, which tend to be the first part of the breast bud to become noticeable under a shirt.

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A Training Bra Is Usually Wirefree

As the breasts continue to develop, most girls transition to a softcup preteen bra that has no underwire. A training bra is able to provide light support and is quite comfortable to wear.

These brassieres may be either lined or unlined, and provide the best support for slim figures.

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Since the cups are soft, they maintain the natural shape of the breasts beneath clothing.

As the breasts grow, underwire support usually becomes necessary.

Training bra styles with an underwire have bra cups that have a length of wire beneath them; the wire helps bolster the bustline and provides greater support for the breasts than fabric alone can give.

Bra Styles

Girls who are nervous about wearing a first bra may find a sports bra more to their liking. Sports bras are designed to compress and support the breasts during exercise and other physical activities.

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They are typically less elaborate and less “girly” than other types of bras. Girls will need these preteen bras for gym glass at school, and will probably also be required to wear them for participation in any extracurricular sports, as well as most dance activities.

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Tom boys who would prefer not to wear an overly feminine girls training bra under everyday clothes often choose to simply wear a rotation of sports bras instead.

As the name suggests, preteen padded bras are designed with molded cups with padding. A padded training bra is worn by girls who want to increase the visible size of their bustline.

These bra styles also help shape the breasts, which can be especially helpful during adolescence, when the breasts are not always growing at the same rate.

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Push Up Bras

The ultimate padded bra is the push up bra, which is decided to make the breasts appear large and push them together to form cleavage.

Many parents are uncomfortable with the idea of their children wearing padded push up bras because they feel that such brassieres sexualize their children at a young age. In this instance, many girls compromise and select a padded bra instead.

Understanding Bra Sizes

It is important that girls of any age and breast size know the correct bra size for their figure, whether they wear a first training bra or normal bra.

The adolescent body changes very rapidly, and girls should measure themselves before they purchase a girls training bra.

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By the time these girls are college-age, breast growth will usually have slowed down or stopped, and such frequent measuring of bra sizes won't be necessary.

However, it is wise to measure one’s bra size at least once a year, and after any significant weight gain or weight loss.

The most expensive bra in the world cannot do its job effectively if it is the wrong size!

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