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My First Bra - Amazing Stories That Will Surprise You

My First Bra - Some girls are lucky enough to have the perfect experience when buying training bras – they have lots of time to browse, a special day with mom or their very best friend, and finding a great style is easy peasy.

Others aren't quite so lucky and some of the stories are comical and absolutely mind blowing, although they might not seem quite so funny at the time!

We’ve hit the streets to talk to real girls who have shared their experiences - hilarious, sometimes embarrassing, and always special. Read on as we show you that real life isn’t always perfect.

my first bra

My First Bra:  Jenny's Hand Me Down

“I wasn’t aware that I was ready for my first bra until my older sister took me aside and told me that I shouldn’t go without one anymore.

I was embarrassed to even be talking about it with her, and couldn’t imagine having to ask my mom to take me bra shopping. 

So, I begged my sister to take me but she refused and instead gave me one of her old brassieres that she didn’t wear anymore.

It was ratty, stretched out, and two sizes too big for me but I didn’t care. I was so happy with my first bra that I didn’t care that it was a hand me down. I felt so grown up.

As a bonus, my mom didn’t think twice when she saw it in the laundry, thinking my sister had worn it, keeping my secret a little longer until she eventually took me to buy a bra of my own.”

Lingerie Tips

When shopping for preteen lingerie, preteens often get some help from a female relative - maybe mum, their favorite aunt, or best friend.

Sarah's Plus Size Padded Bras

“I was so embarrassed to have a super small bust when all of my friends had developed much earlier than I did.

I thought they had perfect bodies and desperately wanted a bigger chest so I went out and bought a push up bra that had as much padding as I could find.

My plan to fit in backfired because my friends all noticed that I had grown two cup sizes over night.

I would have been much better off with a starter bra or camisole that fit the body I had instead of trying to be something I wasn’t.”

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Kim's Embarrassment With Training Bras

“My mom thought it was time for me to have my first bra, but instead of talking to me about it or taking me shopping she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She bought me a teen bra and wrapped it up for my birthday. I was so surprised and mortified as I opened my gifts in front of my entire family and took it out of it’s wrapping.

My mom congratulated me on becoming a woman while my whole family was there to witness it. I was so embarrassed that my dad, aunts, and grandparents were all there when I got my first bra.”

The Right Bra Fit

Getting the right fit is essential. While training bras are not “training” anything per se, a comfortable bra makes it easier to get used to wearing one on a daily basis.

Aisha's Bra Shopping With Dad

“My mom passed away when I was young so it was always just Dad and I. We were really close, but it got awkward when I started developing.

It was finally time for my first bra and I didn’t know what else to do but ask my dad to take me shopping.

He handled it like a pro and took me to the department store the next day. I’ll never forget the way he walked into the lingerie section and asked the sales lady for help without batting an eye.

I was blushing bright red and could barely make eye contact, but I have to hand it to my dad for not making it even worse by acting embarrassed himself, even though I’m sure he was.

Looking back, we can both laugh about it, even though it was one of my most mortifying moments at the time.”

Lingerie For Teens

Sports bras make good first bras. They allow the breasts room to develop while still providing support and are usually made of a soft cotton/spandex fabric that doesn't chafe.