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First Training Bra - How To Tell A Girl It's Time

First Training Bra - When the time comes for a starter bra it’s an exciting and unique time in a young girl's life - an important signal that she's maturing into womanhood.

Not sure how to approach it? No worries, we're here to help.

It’s easy to make her first bra shopping experience memorable and fun; just follow along with these easy tips that show you how to let her know when it's time, and how to do it in a way that makes her feel special and confident.

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Make Her First Training Bra Special

Buying a preteen bra is a significant moment in a girl’s life, something that she’ll always remember.

Honor this time by making it special for her. Bring up the subject over a lunch for just the two of you, or when you’re doing something together that you both love.

Rather than just blurting it out at any moment and taking her by surprise, take the time to turn it into a special event by talking to her about her first training bra in a setting that feels relaxed and appropriate.

First Bras - Start Off With A Compliment

A girl's changing body can create major anxiety, confusion, and uncertainty for her.

Add in the raging hormones plus a teenage attitude that seems to come out of nowhere, and many parents find that telling a girl it’s time for her first bra can quickly turn into an ultra sensitive situation.

What to do?  Steer clear of conflict or hurting her feelings by easing into the conversation with a compliment.

Tell her how wonderful you think she is and compliment something about her appearance that has nothing to do with needing a bra.

Starting your talk on a positive note like this makes her feel good and will set the mood for a successful conversation.

Did You Know?

There is no right or wrong age for a training bra. Depending on how quickly a girl's body matures, some as young as seven or eight may need a training bra while others may wait a few years until they reach their early teens.

Turn Bra Shopping Into A Treat

Spoil her when you take her shopping for her first bra by turning it into a special afternoon that you can both enjoy.

  • Pair your shopping trip with lunch or a special dessert that she enjoys at a restaurant that she gets to pick
  • Take her for a pedicure after your shopping trip
  • Turn buying a bra into a fun filled shopping spree for whatever else she craves in her closet

Shopping for a first bra is an experience that every girl remembers.  A little extra care and effort will make it all worthwhile when you see her face light up with her special smile.

Be Discreet About Teen Lingerie

You might think that talking about bras is no big deal, but a hyper-sensitive prepubescent young girl will more than likely disagree.

It's better to treat the situation delicately - with kid gloves.

Take her aside and speak to her about it when the two of you are alone. And, most importantly avoid teasing her about it.

Keep the moment private between you instead of letting everyone else in the family in on it. She’ll be much more relaxed if she knows that she can trust you to handle the experience with discretion.

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First Bra Fundamentals

It's a good idea to explain the different types of bras and what they're for. The more she understands about styles, fit, and how things work, the more familiar and comfortable she'll be.

Share Your Own First Time Experiences With Bras And Panties

Even as adults we can feel uncertainty the first time we experience something new or unfamiliar.  The same can be said for preteens. 

It can be almost impossible for a young girl to imagine that any adult has ever felt the way that she’s feeling.

The best way to handle it?  Let her know that you can relate to her experience by sharing the story of how and when you got your first training bra, and most importantly how you felt at the time.

She’ll appreciate being able to relate to your own story, making talking about buying her first training bra less intimidating, and turning it into a special bonding experience for the two of you.