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Embarrassing Bra Stories That Will Make You Laugh

Embarrassing bra stories - From little girls to great grandmothers, every woman can recall at least one or two funny or heart warming stories about their misadventures with training bras and teen lingerie.

Some are reallllly embarrassing, some very cute, and some are just downright inspiring. It's almost a right of passage, an initiation for young girls on the cusp of adulthood.

embarrassing bra stories

Over the years we've been asked to share a few of our favorite first bra stories with our customers, friends and family members. Who can resist? So, without further ado, here are a few of our favorites.

Embarrassing Bra Stories: We Love Our Moms

"The first time i got a bra was when I was in Target with my mom and i said "uhhhhh mom, you can kinda... see stuff through my shirt." She took me over to the bra section and got me two training bras :)"

"I remember just being completely mortified about my first bra. I didn't want ANYONE to know that I was wearing this weird thing that my mother kept calling a brassiere."

"My mum used to really embarrass me by wrapping up training bras for my birthday and Christmas...no boxes, just the wrapping. I'd open up my presents and the bras would tumble out, in front of my brothers and dad. Everyone would see and laugh. I was soooo embarrassed!"

"I remembered when my mom took me for a starter bra i don't want to fit it cause im so embarassed and i only wear it to school."

"Embarrassing bra stories? You bet. I got my first bra when I turned 10. Mom decided we'd all go to the department store together.

I was trying on all these different types of bras trying to figure out how they fit, mom kept wanting to see, and then the worst thing happened - my baby brother barged into the change room and ran off with some of the training bras I'd been trying.

The sales lady was chasing him. It's funny now, but it wasn't funny then."


"When I was 9 my breasts were huge and I was so self conscious. The boys at school used to point and laugh at me.

My teacher phoned my mum and the next day we went bra shopping. I needed a DD. I started wearing turtle neck sweaters, I was so shy."

More First Bra Stories And Other Players

"My older sister and I went to Victoria's Secret.

She was really cool about it and helped me pick out a nice pink lace and cotton bra with pretty lace trim and matching panties that said "LOVE"...I can still remember it."

"Embarrassing bra stories ? Not really, I was lucky, my auntie knew how self conscious I am so she took me bra shopping and explained all about bra sizes and the different styles. I found out I was a 32b. I got 2 teen bras and the matching panties. I felt so grown up!"

training bras

"I was 13 years old when I got my first brassiere. It was in the summer time and I really wanted one for back to school, but dad said I was still too small, so he went to Walmart and got me a camisole. I was so proud that I wore it every day for 2 weeks straight!"

"Really embarrassing bra stories?" Oh ya, I thot I was so kewl when I got my first one in grade 7.

I had had it for awhile when I decided to wear it and show off. I wore it to gym class, it was one of those sports ones, one of those white cotton bras with pretty flowers on it.

The other girls started laughing and I couldn't figure out why. Gym teacher told me I was wearing it inside out and the snaps at the back were showing. I felt like such an idiot."

"When I got my first bra I was 11, going into 7th grade. My boobs were a decent size. I really grew, now I'm 14 and my boobs are BIG.

"First day I walked into the kitchen wearing my first bra and my brother snapped the back of it and said, "hey you're growing up kid.""

"(Sigh) When I was 12, my boobs were huge! They were something like 36C and I was really self-conscious. But i went to an all girls school, so it wasn't too bad..."

"...my brother bought my first bra and i was really embarrassed. My boobs started growing at age 10,and now im gonna be 14 and im a C38."

..."My first bra was padded because I was a 36 a in 4th grade and I NEVER had a training bra!"

"...Once i was wearing a halter top and u could see my straps. I pulled it down a little and my bra snapped off."

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