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Shopping for a training bra can be just as much fun as shopping for fun and stylish teen clothing.

Whether it's online shopping or at the mall, there are several great places that offer training bras and pretty lingerie for teenagers. If you prefer shopping in person, the mall is the obvious choice with trendy teen stores like Jacob, and La Senza Girl that cater specifically to young girls, preteens, tweens and teens.

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Don't have time to get to the mall? Lingerie shopping online is a super time saving option with lots of teen lingerie choices at your fingertips 24/7.

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There are some things to keep in mind when shopping for first bra styles and lingerie for young teens. A young girl or preteen may either feel excited, sensitive, or even embarrassed with shopping for preteen lingerie.

Let her set her own pace, time and schedule of when and where to shop.

If she wants to shop at a particular place that sells preteen lingerie like teen bras, and teen panties, consider going by the store and check on their merchandise.

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If, you're not sure which teen lingerie and to pick, consider the possibility of her being a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. Allow her to lead the way and then give intimate apparel pointers or tips when needed, or when she asks.

Introducing your daughter to the basics of shopping for for preteen lingerie is perhaps the first thing that you can teach her about womanhood.

Try to make the experience a great one by encouraging her in every step of the way.

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