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The Best First Bra Stories - A Behind The Scenes Look

First Bra Stories - The world of beautiful lingerie and intimate apparel is filled with funny, heartwarming, and yes, sometimes cringe-worthy moments - especially when it comes to our experiences with training bras and teen lingerie.

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Some are embarrassing, some are off the wall hilarious, and of course all are heart-warmingly memorable.

We've asked our friends and clients to share their first bra adventures and confessions. Here are a few of our favorites...

Your First Bra Stories - Family Favorites

"Mum took me to the lingerie department of the local department store when I was about 11. One of the sales ladies explained it was important to get the right bra size.

I didn't have a clue how bras fit, much less how to find one. It was all realllllly new to me! She could tell I was embarrassed and really shy.

To get me to relax she explained how the sizes work, and the different types of bras. I think I ended up choosing a pretty one and matching underwear in blue."

"My father and mother split up, and dad took me. I was so embarrassed I told him to stay outside, so he sat there reading a newspaper. I met my girlfriend and I ended up getting a purple brassiere just like hers..."

When I finally started to show properly my Mum took me to get a training bra and just my luck, we bumped into two of the girls in my year in the store.

My mum happily discussed how 'we've just been buying Lucy her first bra' and their eyes kept flicking to my chest.

They didn't say anything then but it was all over school the next day and the teasing persisted until I left school. I've made peace with my AAs today though."

"I really didn't want to wear a brassiere, but needed one. So, mum came up with the clever idea of buying me a bra camisole. It was a pretty microfiber with lace number and I loved it...wore it till it finally wore out!..."

first bras

"I was lucky. My aunt took me shopping for a training bra. No pressure. She's a lingerie designer and made it a fun experience.

We found some nice Vanity Fair bras that were pretty and had a great afternoon. She showed me the different styles and was really patient.

I'll always remember my first one - it was a teen sports bra with a little bit of lace... she also bought me the matching panties and my friends at school were so jealous."

"First bra stories ? ...well one day i got my first crop top, and it was a really embarrassing experience.

We were in Target and i said hey mum can i get a crop top for under my school shirt, it's kinda see through (just an excuse to get one) and mum got my shirt and said ohh is that see through and then she went from shop to shop trying to find the cheapest!"

Training Bra Tales That Will Make You Smile

"I remember feeling like I was all grown up and the world had suddenly changed when I put on my girls first bra ...I think I was 10 years old, lol..."

"omg i remember when i got my first bra. i was going to middle school when suddenly in gym class i saw this girl with smaller boobs then me.

...and i almost had nothing. but she had like only and inch of boob.

Then when she took her shirt, she was wearing a REAL bra.

I'm like gurl mines r bigger than urs and i dont even have a real bra."

First Bra Stories From The Schoolyard

"once i was wearing a halter top and u could see my straps. I pulled it down a little and my bra snapped off."

"I was a late bloomer, as far as puberty is concerned, so I was 15 by the time I started getting boobs.

Up to that point, I'd been wearing and stuffing an A cup bra I'd bought while I was at school and then taking it off before I got home, as I knew my parents wouldn't approve. Somehow I got away with it for 3 years.

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"I remember some guy at school snapped my bra while I was walking down the hallway. He broke the straps!!"

"I remember being in grade five, and one of the girls had one of those front closure sports bras in her knapsack. One of the boys in class found it and ran around with it on his head. The poor girl didn't come back to class for a week..."

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