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Wacoal Bras By Style - What You Need To Know

Wacoal bras by style - this overview will be a big help to women who are intimidated by the great variety of bra styles and fabrics available from Wacoal lingerie.

For decades, Wacoal bras have set the gold standard in lingerie and intimate apparel design.

In this article; you’ll get an idea of these Wacoal bras by style, and learn which ones are most appropriate for your needs.

Wacoal Bras By Style: Contour Bras

Wacoal lingerie offers eight different types of bras in the popular contour bra style, including the Petites Lace Front Contour, the Custom Contours T-Back, and Petites Seamless Mesh Contour, and the Petite push up bra.

Contour bras are designed to disappear beneath clothing made out of thin materials, such as t-shirts, without creating unsightly lines across the back and shoulders where straps and bra bands so frequently dig in to the skin.

Customers in search of ultimate comfort should consider Wacoal’s Seamless Mesh Contour style, which has no underwire; this brassiere is excellent for sleep wear, ladies sleepwear, and for anyone who wants to avoid feeling bound or constricted.

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Convertible Bras

Next up are convertible bras.

These four styles feature straps that can be removed and re-arranged to accommodate garments that are strapless or have asymmetrical necklines.

A convertible bra may be worn as a “regular” bra or a racerback bra, or with only one strap attached.

And of course they can be configured as strapless bras. These bras make excellent financial sense because they are truly four or five bras in one!

Wacoal’s Custom Contour Underwire bra provides with invisibility of a contour bra with the flexibility of the convertible straps.

Sports Bras

Wacoal offers two sports bras: the Sport Soft Cup Bra and the Sport Underwire Bra; both provide excellent support and control during even vigorous athletic activity.

The Sport Soft Cup Bra contains no underwire and is an excellent choice for yoga, Pilates, biking, and other activities.

The underwire version contains two separate cups that keep breasts apart during exercise and provide maximum control during vigorous activities such as running and aerobics.

Both bras are crafted from a cutting-edge microfiber fabric that wicks sweat away from the body and encourages it to evaporate.

These brassieres keep breasts comfortable and contained during movement so that delicate breast tissue does not incur strain or develop stretch marks.

Minimizer Bras

Full-figured women should consider a Wacoal minimizer bra which decreases the size of the bustline by as much as one full cup size.

Many women wear minimizer bras under a button-front shirt.

These are the best bras for preventing the unflattering horizontal creases that develop across the bust line of a shirt that is too tight across the chest.

Both plus-sized women and women who simply need full bras can reap immense benefits from minimizer bras.

This list of Wacoal bras by style is just a glimpse into what they offer.

For the complete inventory of Wacoal lingerie visit the company’s website or make an visit the lingerie or intimate apparel section of one of the many fine department stores that sell Wacoal products.

The sales staff there can guide you to the best Wacoal products for your figure, activity level, and personal sense of style.