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The Best Lunaire Bras In The Lingerie Drawer

Lunaire bras in C through H sizes - what makes them so appealing for so many full figured and plus size women?

If we could describe it in one word, it's all about design.

This company specializes in bras for the buxom and plus-sized woman, and has really honed their craft into a fantastic range of full bras and lingerie undergarments that you’ll be excited to wear and show off.

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There are several advantages to Lunaire bras in extended sizes.

The first? Firm underwire support combined with wide shoulder straps and a wide bottom band that lift the breasts off the rib cage for a more youthful and firm appearance.

Lunaire Bras In Different  Styles

Buxom women often experience irritation along their shoulders, caused by the heavy weight of the breasts.

Lunaire has solved this problem by widening their bra straps, providing more surface area along which the weight of the breasts is evenly distributed.

Another common issue encountered by buxom women is ribcage irritation along the front of the torso, near the bottom of the bra band.

This problem tends to occur when a bra cannot lift the breasts completely off of the ribs, creating chronic rubbing that creates redness and sore skin.

Lunaire bras in full figure bras and plus size bras have solved this problem by using a strong 3 part bra cup construction that comfortably lifts the breasts and eliminates any painful chafing.

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A third problem Lunaire has solved is binding bra straps and lower bands that create unattractive lumps and “back cleavage” underneath clothing.

The wider straps and lower band on all Lunaire bras are designed to prevent this.

Wide strips of fabric sit on top of adipose tissue, rather than sinking between folds and harming the wearer’s exterior silhouette.

Another advantage offered by Lunaire bras in large cup bra sizes is the longer life span offered by the quality fabrics used and craftsmanship.

It is important to understand that all bras are designed to be temporary garments by virtue of their elastic components.

Eventually, the elastic will lose its resiliency, at which point the bra will no longer be able to support the breasts effectively.

For this reason, it is never a good idea to buy used or second hand brassieres; they may be cheap, but the money will be completely wasted if the elastic is not functional.

Lunaire’s quality fabrics and construction mean that you'll have far greater wear than from other, inferior undergarments.

To extend the life of your lunaire bras and lingerie even further, treat them gently and respectfully.

Hand wash with a gentle detergent designed for lingerie, and dry on a line or a specialized drying rack.

If washing by hand is for some reason not an option, use the gentlest cycle on your washing machine, and be sure to place the bras in a mesh lingerie bag before placing them in the washer.

This will help preserve the elastic as long as possible.