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Breast Petals - Why We Love Them

Breast petals or pasties as they are more fondly known are perhaps one of the least known lingerie accessories.

Designed to cover the nipples, these small thin pads are discretely tucked between the nipple and the brassiere.

They come in a variety of different materials (like silicone, nylon or foam), shapes (round, oval or flower) and sizes for different needs.

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Breast Petals:  Why Are They So Popular?

Petals are a favorite for many reasons. The most obvious is they cover or conceal the nipples which sometimes have a habit of being visible even while wearing a brassiere.

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Many women experience this embarrassing problem during the winter months or in air conditioning when cooler temperatures constrict the nipples.

Women who have breast implants also experience nipple protrusion which can be incredibly embarrassing, especially at work.

Breast petals cover the nipples quickly and easily with a smooth and seamless look.

                                          Did You Know?

Most bra petals cannot be re-used. Opt for a multi-pack so you'll have them on hand when you need them.

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A second popular use is for women who have sensitive or inverted nipples, or for those who have had breast surgery and cannot have anything chafing against their breasts.

For those women with inverted nipples, petals can fill out the bra tip or gap where nature has left off.

And, for those with sensitive breasts, petals offer a painfree alternative to the constant chafing and irritation of a scratchy brassiere.

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                               Beautiful Lingerie Tip

Silicone is not a breathable material. If, you are allergic, opt for breathable cotton petals.

Keep in mind that not all bra petals are the same. Some petals can actually end up drawing unwanted attention to the breasts by accentuating the nipples and / or the aureole.

If, this is a problem, opt for petals made of silicone that provide the most natural look and feel that closely mimics natural breasts.

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Nude or natural shades that closely match your skin tone are best color choices.

Shopping Online

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