Sexy Teen Lingerie -
The Surprising Truth You Need To Know

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Sexy Teen Lingerie – Every mom, aunt, and friend knows – the best bras and panties for girls should be cute, functional, and fun - to match their personal style. But, should it be sexy?

With glamorous celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears showing off sexy lingerie, it’s more popular than ever with young preteens and teens.

The controversy is certainly cause for discussion. Follow along as we take a closer look at the dark side of this popular trend.

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Sexy Teen Lingerie - Why It's A No

It encourages growing up too fast. Teens today are already maturing earlier than previous generations and are pressured to behave like adults more so than ever before.

Wearing sexy lingerie is one more adult-like action that they simply don’t need. Teens should be able to enjoy their youth and innocence while they can, rather than  wearing intimate apparel that is meant for adult women.

There is plenty of time for more revealing styles as they mature into adulthood without worrying about acting more sexual than they are.

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Should girls wear sexy teen lingerie?

While it's perfectly normal for young girls to want to look their best and feel pretty as they mature into young adults, today's popular push up bras, sheer bikinis and provocative teen lingerie becomes a very slippery slope between pretty and cute vs. sexy and seductive.


It creates body image stress.  Sexy lingerie can be intimidating even for grown women with mature minds. Teens are at an impressionable age and are susceptible to body image pressure from the media, so trying to look sexy or erotic in lingerie only ups the ante.

Preteens and teens need to be encouraged to feel comfortable and positive in their own skin. 

They tend to be very body conscious and may feel inferior if they don’t fill out sexy bras or don’t look like the models in sexy ads, negatively impacting their self esteem and body image.

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It increases sexual pressure. Sexy lingerie is meant to be seen and shown off in the bedroom, and the sexual connotations that go along with it are not lost on teen minds.

Wearing overly sexy teen lingerie adds even more pressure on teens to become sexualized at a young age. This can make them feel insecure if they aren’t sexually active the way their lingerie suggests they should be.

Racy intimate apparel puts teens in the middle of an adult world when they should be enjoying the innocence of being young.

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It doesn’t meet teen’s needs. The truth is, sexy lingerie isn’t known for being exceptionally comfortable or functional, which is exactly what preteen and teen underwear needs to be.

Teens need undergarments that are simple, easy to wear and care for, and are versatile enough to take them from gym class to the mall without any fuss or muss.

Racy lingerie simply isn’t comfortable to wear and doesn’t help them move through their day comfortably the way basic bras and panties do.

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It’s part of a vicious cycle. The more teens buy sexy lingerie, the more the intimate apparel industry thinks there is a demand for it, so they increase advertising and media images that young women see.

Edited images of young women in sexy lingerie are fantasy and not reality - that only makes young girls feel even more inadequate and increases the pressure they put on themselves and their bodies, leading them to turn to sexy lingerie.

In other words, the more we feed into the dark world of sexy lingerie for teens, the more the industry grows.

It’s a hard cycle to break when preteens and teens are at an impressionable age, and vulnerable and eager to fit in and go with the norm, even if that means wearing lingerie that is far too sexy and grown up for their age.

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