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Preteen Bras - Popular Myths That Will Surprise You

Preteen Bras – If you’ve survived the seemingly endless teen years, then you probably know that when it comes to teen lingerie there are a lot of misconceptions floating about.

It's so easy to be bombarded with all kinds of myths that are shared as absolute truths, and being able to tell fact from fiction can be tricky.

From figuring out the best styles to sussing out sizes and more, we uncover the top 5 tween bra myths and the truth behind each one.

preteen bras

Preteen Bras:   The Eye-Opening Myths

Bralettes are the only style to buy - Sure, soft and stretchy bralettes are a great style for preteens who are new to the world of bras.

And, they’re an easy essential that they should have in their underwear drawer, but there are other great styles that are just as important and nice to know about -

  • Bandeau bras are a super style that are great for layering under strapless tops and dresses
  • Convertible bra styles can be worn in 5 different ways
  • Sports bras are perfect for the preteen who is active and loves a sporty look

Tweens should have a couple of different styles in their collection so that they have options that will work in any situation.

Preteen girls should just buy the smallest size - Don’t assume that a preteen is automatically the smallest size just because it’s their first bra.

The best practice is to make an appointment with a bra expert and / or a sales associate with lingerie experience and have her measured properly before buying any tween lingerie.

Comfort is key, especially when it comes to first bras, so they should be taken into the dressing room and tried on before you buy.

Better to take a little more time and be certain than to be stuck with a bra that doesn’t fit or worse - one that she won't wear.

The 411 On Preteen Bra Sizes

For more detailed information on bra sizes and how the bra measuring system works see our bra size calculator.

Preteen bras are expensive - Without a doubt, tween bras and lingerie can be pricey if you shop at high end boutiques, buy designer brands or opt for luxurious imports.

At the same time fantastic bras can also be had at a great price when you

  • shop the sales section
  • choose simple styles
  • look for less expensive materials like cotton or microfiber

Preteens do not have an overwhelming need for ultra-expensive luxury bras at a such a young age. Fun and functional with a comfy fit and a touch of style is best.

Tweens are only ready when they're developed - Young preteens are often ready for a bra even if they're still pretty flat-chested.

Why?  More often than not it's about being part of the crowd and fitting in - all of their friends may be wearing bras and they don’t want to be left behind - the only one who isn’t.

Or, given that tweens are super sensitive, they may be at a point where they crave a little extra coverage under their clothing to help conceal their maturing bodies.

In and of itself, there are plenty of reasons to buy your preteen a bra that don’t have anything to do with being developed enough to need one.

All they need is one bra - While a girl doesn’t need an entire drawer full of preteen bras, just one bra won’t cut it.  They need several different bras that they can rotate in between washes and a few styles to make sure all of their needs are covered -

  • Look for simple styles in a few fun colors
  • Consider adding a sports bra to the mix if she’s active and involved in extracurricular sports
  • For lots of flexibility, look for convertible bras - especially if she’s a trendy girl who loves wearing different styles of tops and dresses
  • Give her a few options when she’s getting dressed so she’s sure to have the right bra for whatever she needs