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Nursing Nightgowns Alert:
What To Do When It's Your First Time

Nursing Nightgowns - New moms take note: toss out any shopping list that includes drab colors, boring styles, or nightgowns that are strictly functional.

Buying nighties for nursing your new baby doesn’t mean throwing style out the window. Instead, take a moment and redefine what sleepwear looks like for the modern, chic mom and use these tips to choose styles that you’ll actually enjoy wearing

Choose a Sleepwear Color You Love

The early months of caring for an infant means you’ll be running on little to no sleep and watching as your beauty routine becomes non-existent.

Dark circles under the eyes, greasy hair, and dull skin do nothing for your appearance or self-confidence, and wearing drab colors only makes things worse.

Choose nursing nightgowns in your favorite and most flattering colors to add some vibrancy and life to an otherwise lackluster look.

Choose fiery coral or crimson, deep violet, soft rose, or robin’s egg blue, and notice the way a little color instantly lights up your face.

Dress For The Season

An important element of enjoying your nursing nighties is choosing styles that are appropriate for the time of year.

You’ll hate getting out of bed in a flimsy sheer nightgown on cold winter’s nights, and you’ll dread wearing a full-coverage flannel nightgown in the summer.

To stay warm choose longer lengths, styles with sleeves to keep your arms and shoulders toasty, and look for fabrics like cotton flannel or microfiber knits.

In warmer months choose knee length, sleeveless styles in crisp cotton to keep you cool and comfortable

Style Secrets...

When lingerie shopping, look for nighties or pajamas made from durable, washable materials, since they'll frequently become soiled with residual drops of milk and the inevitable baby spit-up.

Cotton is a popular fabric, as it holds up well after repeated washings and responds well to stain treatments.

Opt For Pretty Prints

Printed nursing nightgowns are a secret weapon of stylish moms everywhere. Not only do prints hide the spills and stains that go along with caring for a newborn, but they also flatter any figure and give your look a pop of color and prettiness.

Printed fabrics keep the eye moving instead of focusing on figure flaws, which is something any new mom will love. And nothing will perk up your appearance better than a cheery floral, pretty paisley, or chic graphic pattern.

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Choose Nursing Nightgowns In Easy-Care Fabrics

nursing nightgownsMaternity Nighties

As lovely as it might look, that silk nursing nightgown that’s dry clean only will end up at the bottom of your pajama drawer after one or two wears.

Look for nursing nightgowns that have the decadent feel of fine fabrics but are machine washable. Think silky jersey knits, brushed microfibers, ultra soft cotton, or cozy flannel.

The easier it is to care for, the more likely you are to wear it. Choosing a gown that makes you feel pampered, and is effortless to wear, will always be a better choice than something fussy or high-maintenance.

Easy Access Styles

Carmen's Tip...

Keep in mind that maternity sleepwear and lingerie (bras, panties, slips, etc) do not fit the same as your regular clothing.

Remember to read the lingerie manufacturer's sizing chart carefully, and always try before you buy.

Of course the key element of a nightgown for a new mom is easy nursing access, but this doesn’t mean sacrificing style in favor of functionality.

Keep your pjs accessible but stylish by choosing:

  • draped jersey cowl necklines
  • stretchy elastic scoop necks that show off your neck and collarbones
  • pretty button front styles with colorful buttons

that add a dash of interest to a simple nightgown.

Feel Beautiful With Feminine Elements

nursing nightgown

Who says nursing sleepwear needs to be boring?

Choose styles with lovely little details that make you feel special, like a lace hemline, pretty pin tuck seams along the bodice, a ruffled neckline that softly frames your face, or contrast ribbon piping in a show stopping shade.

You’ll appreciate these small details now more than ever because every little luxury you can sneak in will make you feel more put together and polished than frumpy pjs ever will.

Top It Off With A Luxury Robe

Nursing a baby means getting up at all hours of the night and walking around the house while you should be warm and snug in bed.

Keep cozy in an ultra soft robe that you can easily throw on when you need to get up. Choose a plush chenille or silky soft microfiber style that gives you the feeling of indulgence that all new moms deserve.

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