Cotton Terry Cloth Bath Robes

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Terry cloth bath robes - Just about everyone loves the feeling of wearing a cosy terry robe. These affordable, comfortable and functional womens robes are a lingerie drawer basic and must-have that never fail to come in handy.

Unlike dressier luxury robes like silk robes or satin robes terry cloth women sleepwear was created specifically to absorb large amounts of water.

The fabric contains millions of tiny loops to help with water absorption; items typically made from terry cloth include cloth diapers, towels, sweatbands, of course bath robes.

terry cloth bath robes

Terry Cloth Bath Robes

These robes are thick, warm, and soft bathrobes, which makes them great for cold weather.

Terry robes are most commonly worn after a shower or bath or even to lounge in; they are also a fantastic cover-up after swimming because of their absorptive properties.

cotton robes

Terry cloth ladies sleepwear holds up remarkably well under frequent washing and machine drying; it is also quite resilient to spills and stains and can tolerate the use of stain removers and chemical detergents better than many other intimate apparel fabrics.

Because terry spa robes are so frequently used to absorb water, they should be checked for mildew often and washed regularly.

Terry cloth bath robes are usually sized small, medium, or large. The loose fit and belted construction ensure a great fit for individuals of all sizes.


However, people are sometimes concerned about wearing a womens robe made of such a thick material because they fear that it will make them appear heavier than they are.

By heeding the following guidelines, this problem can be almost entirely avoided. Start by selecting the correct length robe: if you want to appear thinner, pick a long robe with long sleeves in a single color.

This will lengthen the body visually, whereas a short robe or calf-length robe will create horizontal lines on the body and add weight.

If you choose a striped design, the stripes should be vertical and preferably thin (like pinstripes). Dark colors, such as black, brown, or maroon, are slimming; light shades such as pastel will make the occupant appear larger.

spa robe
terry cloth bath robes

The thick nature of terry cloth robes can also present a bit of a problem when packing a suitcase. Thankfully, these robes do not wrinkle easily, so don’t be afraid to really stuff them in your luggage.

Any wrinkles that do appear can be easily remove with a brisk shake and perhaps hanging the robe in a closet for a few hours.

Of course, terry cloth bath robes may also be folded and put in a drawer or stored on a shelf.

While the fabric does not naturally attract moths, it’s always wise to place a few lavender sachets or cedar chips in your lingerie undergarment drawer as a simple preventative.

A few extra moments can make a huge difference and help your robe smell fantastic each time you put it on!

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