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Preteen bra - shopping for first bras, training bras and lingerie for teenagers? Have questions? To help you, here are some answers to our your frequently asked questions.

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When Will I Need A Preteen Bra?

Since girls mature at different rates, there's no right or wrong answer. Some girl start to develop as early as early as eight, while some girls, often referred to as late bloomers won't start to develop until the ripe old age of 15.

Generally, as a rule of thumb breasts start growing as early as age 7 and don't stop until the late teens. The average age is about 11.

Some girls may want to wear preteen bras and preteen lingerie because all of their friends are wearing them.

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How Do I Get My Mom To Buy Training Bras?

Your mom was your age once too, and probably felt the same way you feel. Just ask her to get you a training bra, or ask for some money and get one yourself.

Or, if you're too embarrassed, you can always ask her how old she was when she got her first brassiere. This will usually give her a little hint.

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Which Bra Sizes Do I Need?

The smallest training bras usually start with a band size of about 28 and a cup size of AAA and go up from there. Some styles also come in xsmall, small, medium, large, and xlarge sizes.

If you haven't started to really develop yet, and are looking for a starter bra to get used to, try on some first bras in the xsmall to xlarge sizes.

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Once your breasts begin to grow larger you'll need to shop for regular sized bras based on band and cup size.

For more information on determining bra size, see our bra size calculator.

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What Kinds of Training Bras Are There??

Preteen or first bras don't need or have the same type of support as traditional brassieres made for women with average size breasts.

Avoid underwire bras or anything rigid or heavy when bra shopping. Instead, look for comfortable fabrics that are soft and stretchy with a bit of lycra like cotton, nylon, or microfiber.

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