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Kimono Robe - How To Make A Stunning Entrance

Kimono Robe - Silky. Stunning. Striking. One of the most luxurious robes that says, "you have arrived," the kimono, is a fantastic way to make an entrance and impress your audience.

kimono robe

Inspired by the traditional brushwork of Asia, kimonos often depict exquisitely detailed floral and animal patterns that reflect the beauty of nature and the intricate metaphors of life. 

With dazzling styles - from short and sexy to long and elegant - kimono robes offer not only an easy and relaxed fit, but also a wonderful way of expressing one's personality and chic.

Available in a variety of fabrics - from embroidered charmeuse satin to handcrafted Japanese silk, this inspirational favorite is known for its exciting colors that range from beautifully bright to softly subdued. 

Here, we share the inside style tips and tricks to know for those head-turning moments when you want to arrive in style.

Choose A Dazzling Kimono Robe

When you’re aiming to make an attention-grabbing entrance, it’s not the time for bland nightgowns or ho-hum sleepwear.

This is the time to pull out all of the stops with a bold, bright, and beautiful statement kimono robe. Take a peek into your wardrobe - what colors do you like to wear? What inspires you?

Think gorgeous colors like

  • crimson
  • turquoise
  • marigold
  • azul

Choose beautiful prints like sexy leopard or vivid florals; and look for special details like beading, fringe trim, sequins, lace applique, or hand painted prints.  Go all out with an eye catching kimono that is anything but basic.

Pair Your Robe With Knockout Intimate Apparel

Don’t let the sensational impact of an amazingly beautiful kimono robe fall short by pairing it with plain underwear or ratty old cotton panties that have seen better days.

Take the time to really wow your honey by mixing and matching your stunning new robe with killer styles from your lingerie drawer.

Think a lace tanga or mesh G string, a satin pushup bra, lace garter belt, or even better, a bombshell bustier in gorgeous lace and matching panties.

Or, layer it over a sheer chemise or a beautiful babydoll nightie. Make sure that whatever you’re wearing under your kimono is just as gorgeous as the robe itself.

silk robes

Did You Know?

Kimonos in satin, cotton, and linen are generally priced comparably to other ladies robes, but intricate, hand-painted, one of a kind silk robes can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Work A Beautiful Lingerie Look From Head To Toe

Taking a little extra time with your overall appearance can make the world of difference in creating a dramatic entrance.

A greasy ponytail and limp hair won’t do your robe justice in the same way that voluminous curls, sexy makeup, silky skin, a dab of perfume, and a pair of heels will.

Take a few extra moments to create a special look. Channel your favorite celebrity, and embody the effect by paying close attention to how you look from top to bottom.

Revel In Your Robe

Slinking into a dark room is not the way to command attention and show off your stunning new sleep wear.

Instead, after taking time to pamper and prep, take a few quiet moments before you make your grand entrance. Look in the mirror and savor your gorgeous new look.  Translate that into irresistible confidence and empowerment - Lean in and enjoy your sensational new poise.

kimono robes

The Sash Appeal

Traditional kimonos are generally belted by a wide sash.  These sashes (or belts) match the color or print of the kimono.  Some prefer to wear custom sashes that compliment or contrast the robe.  Sold separately, wearers will rotate through several sashes per kimono garment for different looks.

Choose Robes With A Perfect Fit

A woman always feels most comfortable in lingerie and sleepwear favorites that fit perfectly.

  • a robe or any intimate apparel that’s too tight will make you feel too constricted, and you won’t be able to relax
  • a robe that’s too big will have you drowning in yards of fabric, feeling frumpy, and quite possibly tripping over too much robe

Fortunately, a kimono robe is flowing, comfortable, and forgiving, so it’s super easy to get a great fit. Try on a few styles to make sure you pick the perfect style in the right length and cut to really flatter your silhouette.

Many traditional kimonos are double-layer garments, featuring a heavy outer layer of silk or satin combined with an inner lining of soft gauze.