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Girls Robes - 5 Great Ways To Save A Pretty Penny

Girls Robes. The best things to look forward to at sleep time? Favorite bedtime stories and feeling snug as a bug in cozy nightgowns, comfy pajamas and cushy robes.

And, while we look forward to our little ones snuggling into the softness of wonderfully easy sleepwear, we also don’t want to break the bank in the process.

No worries. Here, we share our top tips and tricks to save you a bundle when shopping for this popular fundamental.

girls robes

Girls Robes - How To Save With 5 Simple Tips

Shop Out Of Season

Most girls tend to be focused on comfort, and don’t care if they’re wearing a spring pastel robe in the winter, or a deep berry or fall tone in the spring.

If they’re not picky then take advantage of seasonal sales where great deals can be had – with last season’s styles and colors deeply discounted.

You can score some awesome girls robes at a great price if you head straight to the clearance rack and take your pick from last season’s styles.

Did You Know?

Both long and short robes in cotton come in an amazing array of different styles and colors, but its important to remember that very long robes can be a safety hazard for tripping.

Do Your Homework Online

Before hitting the stores it’s always a good idea to do a little online research.

You can see which stores are offering sales without having to trek to each one, and get an idea of what’s available.

Many retailers also offer exclusive online discounts that aren’t available in stores, so you may find a great deal without even having to leave your house.

Coupons, flash sales, and mega deals can all be found by searching store’s websites to see who has the best bargains to offer.

Colors, Colors, Colors!

When it comes to choosing colors, opt for fun and funky shades and patterns or popular cartoon characters to keep things interesting.

Wait For The Best Time For Sales

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to finding sleepwear for less.

Most stores have two major sales per year - at the end of summer and at the end of winter, when they’re clearing out to make room for the latest merchandise.

Styles and colors from the previous season can often be found at a great discount.

If you’re patient and wait for the big sales you can save a bundle on the perfect girls robe.

Shopping Tip

You may want to window shop ahead of time so you know exactly which girls robes you want to buy when the sales start.

Buy A Little Large

Since they’re usually paired with a nightgown or pajamas underneath, a nice thing about robes is that they don’t need to be perfectly fitted to the body.

The roomy cut allows for lots of leeway when it comes to sizing.

If your girl is between sizes always opt to go up to the larger of the two sizes.

A robe that’s a little too big can easily have the sleeves cuffed up and the belt cinched a little snugger, and it can grow with her as she gets bigger.

You’ll get more wear out of a one that runs a little large because she’ll be able to wear it for longer than a robe that’s too snug or small.

Making It Fun

It can be great fun for girls to share matching robes with their dolls.

Look For Simple Girls Robes

Like womens robes, the more bells and whistles you add to girls robes or pajamas usually means an increase or premium in the price you pay.

Decorative trims, elaborate embroidery, and fancy fabrics all drive the price up and are simply aren’t necessary, especially when it comes to the basics.

A simple robe in an easy-care fabric such as cotton or a cotton blend will be much more versatile than a fussy style that’s loaded with trims.

Plus, you’ll be able to score it for a fraction of the cost.