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Cotton Robes - How To Choose The Best Styles

Cotton Robes - No matter what your shape - tall, athletic, petite, or plus size, cotton robes are simply one of the best sleepwear fundamentals to have.

With an exciting variety of womens robes to choose from, cotton is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and breathable, making it a perfect option for sensitive skin.

Whether you have a yen for lightweight waffle robes, sleek spa robes, or cosy plush terry cloth robes, finding the perfect cotton robe that flatters your silhouette is easier than you think. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best styles for a variety of silhouettes.

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Cotton Robes - Style Fundamentals

Womens Robes For Tall Silhouettes

Taller women are fortunate to look great in and have their pick of just about any style of cotton robes.

They can pull off classic long robes and more voluminous styles too, like sweeping robes or dramatic swing style peignoirs and caftans that are often too bulky or overwhelming for petites.

Knee length and short robes are also a fabulous option for taller silhouettes.  A chic and sensational pared down look like a waffle weave robe is a great way to show off long and beautiful legs to advantage.

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Robes For Sale For Petites

Petite silhouettes are lucky when it comes to finding cotton robes that are the perfect length, and are able to wear delicate sweeping styles that taller girls often cannot.

Just be careful not to choose a bathrobe that’s too voluminous – keep the silhouette slim and streamlined and not overwhelmed by too much fabric.

Alternatively, it's easy to add length by showing off your legs in a shorter robe, but make sure that the style you choose does not cut your legs off right at the knee.  Your best bet is to choose either a very long robe or very short style.

If you're looking for a robe that's bold and unique, consider a kimono style cotton robe to add some volume to the top of a thin frame.

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Looking to give the gift of a bathrobe?  Opt for a wrap robe  in a neutral color of medium weight and length with a slight texture and a loose belt closure. Adding a monogram to the back or lapel can be a nice personal touch.

Cotton Robes For Plus Sizes

The key to flattering curves and plus sizes is to avoid covering yourself with too much fabric that can unfortunately overpower any shape.  Instead, consider the following tips - 

  • Little details that add a hint of skin, like ¾ sleeves that show off your wrists or a beautiful neckline
  • Long robes with thigh high side slits to show off lovely legs
  • A wrap robe with a plunging neckline, left open just enough to hint at a beautiful décolletage

Strategically showing off your shape with stylish detailing breaks up the lines and creates a more flattering figure, rather than trying to hide behind a cotton bath robe with too much fabric, or a look that’s too covered from head to toe.

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Ladies Robes For All Shapes

No matter what your shape, size, or build, the universal fundamental of looking great in a cotton robe is to choose a style that does not overpower your silhouette. 

Also, from petites and curvy, to plus and slender, every woman can benefit from a little definition at the waist.

Whether you’re showing off the curves you’ve already got, or looking to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, nothing makes a bathrobe look better than a tie or sash that's cinched at the waist. Keep in mind that -

  • Plus size and curvier shapes look best in wider belts
  • Petite shapes should opt for skinny style ties that won’t look too bulky
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