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Womens Plus Lingerie Secrets That Will Save Money

Womens Plus Lingerie - when it comes to shopping, whether you have your heart set on a beautiful lace bra and panty set or a pretty silk nightie and robe, few things feel more exciting than the anticipation of intimate apparel that you fancy. 

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But, beautiful lingerie can be pricey, especially the higher-end luxury brands, making it difficult to get the things you love at prices that don’t break the bank.

No worries, you're halfway there. In this article, we’ll share how getting the lingerie that you want for less is easier than you think.

From mailing lists and the magic of multiples to favorite brands and where to shop, we’ve compiled a list of money-savvy tips and tricks to help you find the lingerie of your dreams, at a fraction of the regular price.

Womens Plus Lingerie - How To Save When You Shop

Shop For Lingerie At The Back Of The Store

Want to save serious money with womens plus lingerie?  The first tip is to practice patience.  Then, breeze past the new merchandise at the front of the store and head straight to the back where the sales racks are tucked away.

Popular styles do not tend to change throughout the seasons - especially with best-sellers.  The main difference between new intimate apparel and sale items is often just the color.

Spring styles are available in pastels, florals, and bright candy-colored hues, whereas fall/winter lingerie comes in deeper jewel tones.

If you’re not picky about wearing last season’s bras, panties, chemises, slips, nighties, and robes, then check out the sales racks for gorgeous pieces that you’ll love to wear at a fraction of the price.

Buy Bras And Panties In Multiples

Perfectly fitting womens plus lingerie can be tough to find, so if you luck out and find an amazing chemise, bra, or camisole and panty set, stock up and buy a few.

This will save you having to search for replacements in the future which may or may not be available in the color or style that you like.

Also, there are often deals to be had when buying more than one at a time.

Many lingerie and department stores offer discounts such as “buy one, get one half price” or other similar promotions throughout the year that make it worthwhile to stock up on a few pieces at once.

Sign Up For Your Favorite Lingerie Brand Mailing Lists

Stay in the know when it comes to special sales events offered by your favorite womens plus lingerie brands by signing up for their email lists and subscribing to their newsletters.

Many brands or retailers will offer a discount just for signing up, or free shipping on your first purchase.

Also, check out their social media pages. Intimate apparel retailers often post on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, which is a great way to get the inside scoop.

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Shop At Specialty Lingerie Boutiques

Sometimes specialty lingerie shops can be more expensive than mass retailers, but the trick to saving money is to buy one good piece instead of a handful of cheaper ones that may not last long.

When you shop at a specialty lingerie store, an experienced professional will take your measurements and guide you towards the best styles for your figure.

You may end up spending a little more, but you’re sure to have better-quality lingerie that fits comfortably and looks great - and lasts longer.

At a mass retailer, there’s often little sales assistance and it can be frustrating trying on an entire rack of inexpensive items that don’t fit properly.

Many times, we end up purchasing lingerie like bras and panties that we don’t like simply out of frustration, then become stuck with the wrong style or size without ever finding what we really want. In the long run, spending a bit more for quality and fit is always worth it.

Choose Versatile Intimate Apparel

A great way to get the most out of any purchase is to think about how versatile the style can be for you. Classic beautiful lingerie can be worn several ways. Not sure how? Here are a few ideas -

  • A short black silk chemise can be worn as a nightie or loungwear. It can also double as a slip under your favorite dress.
  • A lace trimmed camisole looks great in the boudoir but can also be worn peeking out from a cardigan or blazer.

Flexible styles in quality fabrics can function multiple ways which can drastically reduce the cost-per-wear and make luxury high end bras, panties and sleepwear much more affordable over the long run.