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Victorian Nightgowns - How To Look Beautiful On A Budget

Victorian Nightgowns - What could be more romantic and feminine than beautiful sleepwear?  With styles inspired by the crave-worthy fashions of the Victorian and Regency eras (think Emily Bronte and the swoon-inducing Bridgerton), it's never been easier to channel your inner Duchess of Hastings.

victorian nightgowns

From sweeping silhouettes and delicate trims to the whimsy of it all, these luxurious nightgowns draw you in – each one more inviting than the last.

Beautiful as they may be, specialty nightgowns and sleepwear can be pricey, especially when it comes to the high-end Egyptian cottons, imported laces and textiles that they're made from. 

No worries, whether you’re on a limited budget or money is simply no object, you've come to the right place.

Below, we share simple tips on getting the look that you want without breaking the bank.

Victorian Nightgowns - How To Splurge

For the woman who loves the best of the best and wants to indulge without thinking twice about the cost, here’s what to look for in a luxury version of the Victorian nightgown:

Organic fabrics -

  • Upgrade your nightie from basic fabrics to organic cotton
  • Organic fabrics come at a higher price point, but they’re a special splurge for the woman who wants to pamper herself with the purest materials possible

Full length nightgowns -

  • Go all out with your Victorian gown and choose a long and dramatic version with a floor-sweeping hemline
  • Choose a long nightgown with added ruffles at the hem, and a more generous amount of fabric for an elegant and dramatic silhouette

Exclusive trims -

  • We adore the extraordinary embellishments that make Victorian nightgowns feel even more special than regular ladies pajamas
  • Take your trims to the next level with fancier versions, like pearl buttons instead of plastic, and handmade French lace instead of mass-produced lace

Style Secrets

Victorian nighties usually have exaggerated ruffled detailing along the sleeves, shoulders, and collar.

Long sleeves with ruffled cuffs, dainty buttons, lace accents and satin bows are often used to accentuate their femininity.

Hand made or custom made -

  • Treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind version of the Victorian nightgown with a nightie that’s handmade, or really indulge and have one custom made just for you
  • These romantic nightgowns are definitely more of a splurge than nightgowns that are produced for wide distribution

Head to toe details -

  • Victorian nighties range from simple nighties to those loaded with pretty and exaggerated details and trims
  • For an ultra feminine and luxurious gown, choose a style that’s dripping with details
  • Look for lace trimmed cuffs and hemlines, pin tuck seams or rusching on the bodice, and a collar embellished with ribbons and lace

Did You Know?

This romantic sleepwear style traditionally has an empire waist. It's floor length and tends to be gathered to a yoke in front and back with a ruffled bodice and wide flounce at the hem.

Victorian Nightgowns: How To Save

Get the look you love and stay budget savvy when you look for ways to save on a more modest night gown that still feels special:

Short nightgowns -

  • Simply put, less fabric generally means a lower price point. Instead of a dramatic, floor length nightie, you can still get the look you love in a shorter length
  • Knee length short nightgowns can be just as pretty, and a slimmer a-line silhouette without added ruffles can drastically reduce the cost

Shop strategically -

  • Look for Victorian style sleepwear at chain stores or affordable department stores instead of exclusive boutiques
  • The price tag will always be lower with mass produced styles than it will be at stores that carry elite brands and styles with limited production

Fun Facts

The appeal of this beautiful ladies sleepwear has increased dramatically, due to the series  Downton Abbey, films like Pride and Prejudice, and the idyllic novels of Jane Austen.

Cotton sleepwear blends -

  • If you’re flexible with your fabric choices you can save a bundle. Instead of seeking out high thread count cottons, or the finest organic materials, look for thinner cotton, or cotton blends for lower priced alternatives
  • Get the feminine and romantic nightgowns that you love and save your hard earned dollars by choosing natural fabrics blended with synthetics

Choose simple styles -

  • Instead of a gown that’s loaded with lace, ruffles, ribbons, and bows, choose simple cotton nightgowns that have fewer trims and details
  • A gown with a pretty lace collar can give you the same dreamy look, and you can save your pennies by skipping the elaborate hem and cuff details