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Training Bra Fit - How To Get It Right

Training Bra Fit – when it comes to dressing for teens, everyone knows the value of a great bra – and for teens and teens alike, the amazing choices have never been better.

From simple cotton bralettes in fun prints and patterns to stretchy sports bras in vibrant colors, getting the perfect style and fit is easier than you think it will be. Below, we show you the five simple steps.

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Training Bra Fit Tips That Will Make Shopping Easier

Take measurements - Bra sizes can vary lots, as far as different styles go. So, even if you think you’re sure of a bra size, it’s always a good idea to start bra shopping by having measurements taken.

A lingerie sales professional will be able to accurately measure the cup and band size and narrow down the best choices for the perfect fit.

While it’s tempting to skip this step and head straight for the racks it can really pay off to take a few extra moments to get the measurements and be fitted by an expert who knows the ins and outs of a great fit.

You’ll save lots of time and potential frustration in the fitting room if you start off with this valuable step.

Bra Shopping Tip

If, this is your first lingerie shopping trip, have a list of questions with you and seek the assistance of the sales person to ensure the shopping trip is stress free, and a relaxing and fun experience.

Try on several styles - Not all bra styles are super comfortable for every body type. No matter what size a tween is it’s always a good idea to choose a few different styles to try on.

A preteen may prefer a tank style over a sports bra, or maybe a stretchy bralette offers an easy fit. The only way to know for sure is to be open minded and them try a few different types of training bras to find the perfect one.

Move around - Since everything is most likely new and unknown when dealing with the world of lingerie, most tweens won’t know the helpful hints about trying on bras and how they should fit and feel.

Show her how to get the best fit by moving around a bit in the fitting room. Have her raise her arms above her head, jump up and down, and lean forward. The right bra should give her enough coverage to keep her supported and comfortable.

Try on with a top - The best training bra fit is the goal and part of that is how a bra looks and feels when it's worn under clothing.  How do you make sure?

By trying a plain tank or tee on over the bras that the preteen is going to be trying on.

You'll be able to see if there are any tell-tale lumps or bumps that will call attention to the training bra - something everyone who has worn a bra wants to avoid.

The only true way to see if a bra will be invisible under clothing is to try it under a simple top.

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Not Able To Shop In Person?

If you are shopping online, most websites offer size charts and fit comments that will help determine which bra size will fit best.

Ask for an opinion. The best fitting bra is the one that’s not only the most comfortable, but makes them feel confident.

Since they're trying different styles on and will be wearing it every day, they should have the final decision on which bra is the best fit.

They'll know what feels comfortable - what’s too loose or too tight or what pinches or chafes their skin.

The best training bra fit should feel like they're wearing nothing at all, so make sure to get their opinion on which bra feels right for them.