The Girls In Training Bras Guide

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The Girls in Training Bras Guide - For those who see your little girls blossoming into young women, the thought of lingerie for young teens and teen bras can bring mixed emotions of joy and sadness.

Especially once you realize that it’s time for your little girl's first bra. For some girls, shopping for training bras can be a scary thing.

Their bodies are developing, and the world of lingerie and intimate apparel is totally new.

Here are a few lingerie and intimate apparel tips that will make the first bra shopping trip a lot less stressful for you and your daughter.

girls in training bras

The Girls In Training Bras

Getting the correct bra size is very important.

While a training bra and teen lingerie are not really “training” your daughter to do anything other than how to wear a brassiere and easing her into the world of intimate apparel, a good bra fit will make her more likely to want to wear preteen bras on a daily basis.

If your daughter is already fully developed, then it might be time to take a look at some preteen bras with a bit more support.

training bras

Bra sizes in smaller bras start at 28, with a cup size as small as triple A.

For undeveloped girls, a training bra can be an easy “Small, Medium, or Large” size, since there isn't alot of breast tissue to support, but once development starts, sizes become more important.

Finding a certified brassiere fitter can make finding the appropriate fit much quicker.

As your daughter continues to develop, it becomes more important to keep the training bra size current.

Teen sports bra styles are a good first bra choice.

This will allow the breasts room to develop while still providing support.

Whether your daughter is active, or running and involved in sports, she'll be comfortable.

Teach your daughter how to wear her training bras and preteen lingerie comfortably.

If you are not sure, have a certified brassiere or lingerie specialist show her how to adjust the straps of her first bra, and how much tension is needed.

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The importance of lingerie and a good bra fit properly now will help your daughter avoid stretch marks and sagging later in life.

This is not something we want to think about as parents, but it can really affect your child’s long term self esteem.

Good fitting first bras go a long way in reinforcing a child's positive self-image.

Make this a wonderful memory for your daughter.

Buying a first bra and lingerie is an important rite of passage for little girls, and being able to help her along and share this with her is a big deal to her.

It will form a good foundation for her self esteem and clothing purchases for the rest of her life.

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