Teen Training Bra Guide

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It is easy to find and purchase a teen training bra (they're often called first bras or preteen bras) and preteen lingerie for your daughter once you understand two basic points.

What are they?

Understanding bra fit is the most important factor. Fitting a bra is easy with a few quick lingerie tips listed below.

A second important factor is understanding the many different preteen bra styles that are currently available.

teen training bra

Teen Training Bra

First and foremost, when shopping for any preteen bras it is essential that your daughter knows her correct size.

Why? A brassiere that fits properly is especially important for posture and comfort when the body is maturing during the preteen and growth phase.

For more information, and advice on finding the right bra size, click on our correct bra size guide.

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Secondly, just like shopping for adult womens bras, lingerie and intimate apparel, it's important to identify and understand the different preteen bra and preteen lingerie styles that are available.

Let's take a closer look at one of the most popular teenage bra styles...

Teen Sports Bra

The sports bra teen style is perhaps the most important brassiere for young girls to have.

Why? These versatile sports bras are very functional and usually come in soft cotton lycra fabrics (and in many colors) with good support and stretch.

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They're designed with simple lines and aren't too fussy or frilly, which most girls tend to avoid when choosing a first training bra.

Young girls are very self conscious about their changing bodies, so it's important to be patient with them when shopping for any preteen bras and intimate apparel.

Another key point to remember - support. Even for girls with smaller breasts, growing breast tissue is delicate and easily irritated.

Sports bras offer good support, as well as minimizing bouncing and painful chafing. Young girls in sports bras will be better protected during high impact exercises like running, baseball, basketball, etc.

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