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Teen Thong Panties - Are They The Ultimate Tawdry Trap?

Teen Thong Panties. It seems like lingerie for young teens is getting racier and more risqué by the day. With a reputation that’s alluring, revealing and undeniably sexual, it’s virtually impossible to miss.

Season after season, designers and retailers are turning out provocative intimate apparel for young women, and marketing it in a way that puts major pressure on them to look and act way beyond their years.

teen thong panties

One of the biggest culprits of sexy lingerie for teens, tweens and preteens is thong underwear. And, while this panty favorite is a popular pick with adult women, we have to ask - are they the ultimate tawdry trap? Follow along as we take a closer look.

Teen Thong Panties: The Not So Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

They over-sexualize basic undergarments. As far as young women are concerned, underwear should be about coverage, comfort, and functionality.

And, while teen undies can be pretty or trendy with the use of colorful fabrics and trims, one thing they definitely don’t need to be is sexy.

Teen thong panties are the tipping point. With a bare derriere, a barely there fit and sexual overtones that venture into adult territory, skimpy thongs are a lingerie style that should be left to mature women who are in full control of their sexuality.

Teen thong panties put pressure on teens to see themselves as sexual.

Young teens are already under so much pressure to join the adult world before they mature. 

With constant pressure and the influence of peers, social media and advertising images of scantily clad women in sexy lingerie, the last thing they need is to venture into sexy panties and lingerie.

Teens should enjoy being young and innocent as long as possible without rushing into the world of sexy intimate apparel.

Barely-there thongs only encourage and push young girls into seeing themselves as sexual beings and feeling like they need to be more sexually advanced than they are.

They add to body image issues.

This is a big issue for young girls, especially with the growing popularity of  TikTok, SnapChat, Instagram and other social media giants.

We’re all aware of the pressure teen girls face when it comes to body image and looking “perfect” or “ideal”.

From social media to magazines and television, the constant barrage of images of sexy women showing off in sensual lingerie and clothing is mind-boggling.

Competition is fierce on social media to constantly outdo one another, and introducing skimpy thong panties to a teen’s lingerie wardrobe puts pressure on them to appear sexy and sensual in addition to being thin and pretty.

Impressionable young girls have a difficult enough time without adding additional pressure about body image and self esteem as they navigate the delicate journey to maturity.


They promote a lifestyle and image that’s too mature.

Let’s face it, the world of looking provocative and womens sexy lingerie is for adults, not teens who should be enjoying the simplicity of being young.

Thongs hurry young women into feeling pressured to grow up too quickly, to act more mature than they are, and to take on issues that are beyond their grasp.

Young tweens and teens are already maturing and acting more and more like adults, at a younger age than ever before. And, introducing ideas about sexuality and looking sexy beyond their years only increases the stress this puts on them.

It’s better to keep it simple and safe (the old adage is KISS) - free from sexual undercurrents and all of the pressure that comes with it.