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The controversy swirling around sexy teen panties lately has never been greater.

With so many risque styles like teen thong panties, low rise panties, skimpy g string bikinis and a multitude of other lingerie styles, it raises a concern for many parents today.

Like every generation before them, many preteens and teens alike want to wear the latest "in fashion" teen lingerie - whether it's a push up bra or sheer thongs, or one of the multitude of other sexy lingerie styles that are currently available.

Why? Lingerie for teenagers is more about fitting in with their peers and discovering their own personality, and less about shocking their parents.

While the majority of parents wince at the idea of their daughters wearing hiphuggers, lace thong panties, or sexy teen lingerie, it's a great opportunity to actually talk with your daughters about it rather than lecture to them.

A soft and gentle approach works well.

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Teen Panties: The Conversation

Don't rush a conversation about sexy teen and preteen lingerie.

Take your time, and make it a dialogue.

Ask her opinion, and gently discuss the pros and cons of wearing sexy bras and panties rather than forbidding them outright.

And, don't forget to point out the obvious age old question of sexy lingerie styles vs comfort.

With so many different styles of lingerie for young teens available today, she's certain to make a choice you both can live with and love.

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