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Teen Panties - How To Choose The Best Ones

Teen Panties. Fresh and fun with a dash of style that’s easy to like – lingerie for teens doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

Follow along as we show you how to shop for and navigate the ins and outs of the perfect undies that both of you will agree on. From the best variety to the latest trends, these simple tips have you covered.

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Teen Panties:  The Inside Scoop

Choose variety. Teen girls are on the move and lead busy lives, from school to part-time jobs, to sports teams, and time with their friends.

Just like adults, they need a wardrobe of panties that will fit in with whatever they're wearing and whatever they're doing.

Make sure your teen is stocked with comfy cotton bikinis, microfiber boyshorts, and nude seamless panties, at the very minimum.

This basic collection will keep her covered no matter where her day takes her and will guarantee that she’ll always have the right underwear for any situation.

Speak to a sales associate. If you’re overwhelmed by the selection of underwear, or don’t know where to start when shopping, approach a sales person for help.

They’re the experts on what everyone else is buying so you can tap into their knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not in teen bras, panties and lingerie.

Let them lead you towards their best sellers and most popular styles and brands as a starting point for choosing the best panties for your teen.

Let her have input. Every girl is different; she may want to shop with you or she might prefer the privacy of picking out her underwear herself, but either way it’s super important to let her have a say in what panties she wants to wear.

Teens make their clothing and style a top priority and do not want to feel forced into anything, so keep your teen in the loop and let her give her opinion and input into what type of underwear she likes.

As a parent or loved one, you have the final say, but treading carefully and keeping the lines of communication open will help prevent any teenage drama or blowouts, and will ensure that she loves the panties that she has chosen.

Cotton Panties

Stay on trend. Familiarize yourself with what the hottest trends are, either by doing a little internet research, noticing what colors and styles of clothing she wears, or by browsing the new arrivals at a popular intimate apparel shop.

You’ll quickly get an idea of what colors, textures, prints, and styles are the latest of the season, and what looks dated.

Teen girls are always up on the of-the-moment trends, so focus on panties in the coolest colors and steer clear of anything that looks old or frumpy.

She’ll be thrilled when you come home with popular teen panties that are both functional and fashionable.

Don’t get too racy. While she’s the one wearing them, you also need to feel comfortable with her panty picks.

Of course she won’t want styles that are too frumpy or old-fashioned, but steer her clear of styles that are too risqué or that are outside your comfort level as a parent.

Adulthood is for sexy styles. If in doubt, remember KISS  and keep it simple with her teen years focused on more modest styles in fun colors and bright prints.

She’ll love cute and sassy teen panties that are a compromise between too dowdy or too daring.