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Teen Bras... There comes a time when your little girl starts to blossom and it’s time to start shopping for a teenage bra or training bra and teen lingerie.

Starting from the age of about seven or eight, there are different stages of breast development and some young girls move through them more quickly than others.

It varies from girl to girl. Most young girls, preteens, tweens and teens have friends that may have started wearing training bras and preteen lingerie early on, while others postpone wearing lingerie for young teens and intimate apparel for as long as they can.

A training bra, which is also known as a first bra comes in many different types, styles, colors and sizes, to accommodate the different phases of growth.

Teen Bras:  Girls Sports Bras

The athletic wear department has a teen sports bra that hardly looks like brassiere at all.

Some girls like these as a fashion statement, and wear them as part of a tank top camisole ensemble that reveals part of the brassiere as a top.

A sports bra offers support, especially if your girl is athletic, yet doesn’t feel like wearing typical brassieres.

Many teenagers like the variety of colors and styles, in addition to the comfort and materials they are made of.

Sports bras have become one of the more popular first bras that are available today.

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Girls Training Bras

Girls training bras and most lingerie for teenagers offers support, with some flexibility for growth.

Usually a little lacier than a sports bra, they are one of the more feminine preteen bras for the beginning stages of breast development.

Typically, for smaller sized girls, it is a brassiere to get your teenager accustomed to wearing a bra and adjusting straps, and learning to clasp the closure.

Some of these girls training bras also come in front-snap, which makes it easier for the teenager to learn the closure without assistance.

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