Sleepwear Guide To
Miss Elaine Robes

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Miss Elaine robes are an absolute favorite of women who prefer quality, elegant styling and comfort over glitz and glamor. Amid all of the lingerie department sleepwear brands, Miss Elaine is considered to be one of the most popular. Let's find out why...

The company, founded in the year 1926, is a family-run operation that continues to offer women a wide assortment of classic robes, nightgowns and pajama styles and fabrics at the best value possible.

When shopping for Miss Elaine Robes, you'll find a number of beautiful styles designed to suit the unique lifestyles of most women.

But, how do you know which robe is the right one for you?

In this sleepwear guide we'll take a closer look and cover the essentials on what kinds of robes are available.

~ Lingerie Tip ~

Miss Elaine nightgowns, robes and pajamas are all designed with comfort in mind. If, you prefer soft, stretchy, boxy yet feminine sleepwear, that's affordable, this lingerie brand is a great choice!

Miss Elaine Robes - Fabric Choices

When shopping for a robe, one of the most important things you'll need to consider is what kind of fabric you want.

While Miss Elaine robes don't come in a huge variety of unique fabrics, there are several good choices.

What is available?

Popular Miss Elaine nightgown and robe fabrics include cotton waffle, cotton terry, nylon tricot, fleece, brushed back satin and more!

One of the best ways for selecting the appropriate fabric is to ask yourself what your robe will be used for. If you intend to use it to lounge in at home after a hot bath or shower, opt for fabrics that are super absorbent, like cotton and terrycloth.

If you're looking for cosy warmth, opt for thicker insulated fabrics like fleece and brushed back satin with a lightweight lining.

Long or Short Luxury Robes?

Once you've chosen the fabric, you can move on to choosing the right length.

Miss Elaine offers three basic lengths that cover long and short nightgowns, slips, chemises, and pajamas.

There are long or full length, medium or calf length, and short robes that rest just above the knees.

To choose the best length, you'll need to take into account the climate where you live, the purpose of the robe, and of course it goes without saying, your personal taste.

So, for example if you live in a warm climate and will be using the robe as lighter loungewear, you should opt for short to medium length robes.

If you live in a cooler region or want something that will keep you warm and comfortable, then opt for longer or full length Miss Elaine robes.

Finally, go with something you'll be relaxed in. If you like to cover your legs, it is not likely that you'll enjoy a shorter length robe, and vice versa.

Embroidery on Robes?

One of the most unique features that loyal Miss Elaine customers have come to expect and love are the delicate embroidery details.

But, before you start thinking about embroidery, consider which color will blend best with nightgowns or sleepwear that you already have in your lingerie wardrobe.

Miss Elaine robes tend to avoid brighter, flashier colors.

Instead they favor softer, feminine colors like shell pink, baby blue, white and delicate florals.

So, once you've chosen a color you can turn to the embroidery. In the Miss Elaine sleepwear line there are numerous designs, patterns and feminine florals, cross-stitches, triangles, and waffle weaved embroideries that change from season to season.

By carefully choosing your embroidery options, determining which length is most suitable, and deciding which type of fabric is best, you'll find a great selection of robes that are perfectly suited to your individual style.

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