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Lunaire Bras That Flatter

Lunaire bras that fit - For buxom women who are looking for full bras and plus size bras to flatter and support their fuller figure, Lunaire lingerie has a great selection.

These beautiful lingerie undergarment styles are a treat for the eyes too, and come in several bra styles with matching panties that suit even the most discriminating tastes.

In boutiques or on-line, every customer is sure to find Lunaire bras that combine comfort, support, and a beautiful look.

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Lunaire Bras That Fit - Where To Start

The most vital component to bra shopping for Lunaire bras is determining the correct bra size for your figure.

Many women haven’t had their bra size measured in decades, figuring that they’re the same approximate size that they were.

However, even subtle changes in one’s weight or figure can cause a change in bra sizes; wearing brassieres that are different from your old bras can also change the size that fits you best.

Before purchasing any new types of bras, measure your bra size.

Women with small breasts who wear petite bras can typically do this themselves, using a soft measuring tape and instructions that are readily available for free on the Internet.

Measuring yourself is simple; you measure once around the fullest part of the bust, and once around the ribcage, directly under the breasts. A few calculations later, with an easy bra size calculator and you'll know your correct bra size.

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Women who wear C bras or larger are advised to have their bra size professionally measured in a store or lingerie boutique, because home measuring methods become increasingly unreliable with full figure bras and plus size bras. Having one’s bra size taken by a professional is usually a complimentary service.

It is not necessary to remove your top or brassiere to be measured, and the procedure only takes a few minutes.

When bra shopping, it’s important to tell the sales associate if you're shopping for:

  • strapless bras
  • long line bras
  • pushup bras
  • convertible bras
  • demi bras
  • balconette bras

... or any other type of specialty bras that frequently use a different sizing system.

Bras without straps are notorious for this; the lack of shoulder straps means that the lower band of the bra must fit more tightly in order to support the breasts without traditional straps.

As a result, you'll probably find that you need a different strapless bra size than you might expect.

These brassieres should always be tried on before purchase whenever possible; there is no other way to ensure that your breasts are properly supported and that the bottom band fits comfortably.

Be sure to turn around and check out your silhouette in the dressing room mirrors; this is the only way to ensure that the bra’s band isn’t creating unattractive “back cleavage.”

To avoid or minimize this situation, opt for a strapless bra with a wide lower band.

Lunaire Bras That Flatter

Women of all bra sizes will find Lunaire bras and lingerie that provide a flattering and feminine silhouette, comfortable support, and quality that will last for a very long time.

As a final intimate apparel tip, remember to maximize the life of your brassieres and lingerie by gently hand-washing with a lingerie wash that contains no harsh ingredients, and always lay flat to dry.

This way you'll be able to enjoy your lingerie and intimate apparel for a long time to come.