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Lingerie Bra Plus Size - The Need To Know Fundamentals

Lingerie Bra Plus Size - If ever there was a time for a lingerie drawer refresh, this is it. It's spring, summer, fall or winter - now is the best time for all things new and exciting, and what better place to start than to take a closer look at our bras and intimate apparel.

lingerie bra plus size

From assessing your bra size and getting measured to checking out the rear view and more, we're sharing 7 simple (and incredibly easy) insider tips to make the most of you curves and get the best fit for your silhouette.

Lingerie Bra Plus Size - Take The Time To Get It Right

You might luck out and find the perfect style on your first try, but bra shopping is usually a more time consuming event.

Set yourself up for success by hitting the stores when you have lots of time set aside and won’t be pressured or rushed into intimate apparel that you're not absolutely sure about.

Hasty decisions usually aren’t the best ones when it comes to buying bras, so leave lots of time to browse, ask questions, try on, and get it just right.

Lingerie Bra Plus Size - Check The Lingerie Elements

There’s more to the perfect fitting bra than just the cups. Bras have 3 main elements that need to work in harmony to give you the support and lift that you need. This is especially for plus sizes or larger busts that really benefit from a proper foundation.

The fundamentals of a great fit are:

  • the bra band
  • the cups
  • the straps

Shop around until you find a band that fits snugly without being too tight, straps that are comfortable and supportive, and cups that fit your shape perfectly.

Try Your Bras Under Clothing

Remember that your bra needs to look great under your clothing, and not just on it’s own in the fitting room. When you think you’ve found a winning style make sure to slip your top over it and check out how it looks under your clothes.

The right bra will fit smoothly without creating any bulges, gaping, lumps, or bumps, and will elongate your silhouette, flatter your curves, and accentuate the positive while camouflaging the the negative.

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Measure Your Bra Size

Take the guesswork out of finding the right size and fit by getting your measurements taken by a lingerie professional with knowlege in bra fitting.

They have the experience to know what they’re doing, and can quickly steer you towards the right size and brands that suit your shape, as well as answer any of your questions when you’re narrowing down your selections.

It takes only a couple of minutes and is well worth it when you can cut down on frustration and time flipping through the racks.

Compare  Sizes Up And Down

If you’re not 100% sure that a certain style is the best fit, try a comparison with one size up or down.

Sometimes seeing what another size looks and feels like will give you the confirmation you need to know that you’ve got the right fit, or the new size will end up being better than your original choice.

Lingerie Bra Plus Size - Move Around

These days, we're always on the go and we need bras that look great, are comfortable and can move with us. Avoid buying a bra that rides up or makes you spill out by moving around a bit when you’re trying on.

Lean forward and make sure the cups offer enough coverage to keep your bust in place as you go about your day.

Lift your arms over your head to make sure it doesn’t hitch up. Sit down and turn from side to side.  It's easy to keep your curves looking and feeling great all day when you find a bra that stays put no matter how you move.

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Lingerie Bra Plus Size - Check The Rear View

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about how your bra looks from the back - it's just as important as the front but so often forgotten!

Brassieres look and feel so much better when they lay smoothly against your back, don't ride up, and aren't so tight that they create bulges below the band or around the straps.

A bra that looks and feels great is the best way to be comfortable throughout your day!