Insiders Guide To Ladies Robes

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Ladies robes are a wonderful complement to short and long nightgowns, womens pajamas and a variety of womens sleepwear styles.

Plain and practical or sexy and glamorous, robes are a lingerie drawer must have.

Today, women have an amazing plethora of choices when deciding which is best for them.

Whether it is a luxurious cashmere robe or a simple wrap robe , there are a few things to consider when buying a womens robe.

ladies robes

Ladies Robes

The fabric is most important. Then, color; and finally availability.

In today’s luxury robes and intimate apparel market there are several new and exciting lingerie fabrics that emanate from natural and synthetic materials.

  • satin
  • cotton
  • silk
  • modal

If comfort is key, then fabric breathability and wearability will be important.

Many ladies robes, like satin robes are made of nylon or polyester; these tend to be inexpensive, light and pleasant to the touch, and come in virtually every color imaginable.

womens robes

Womens Robes

However, womens robes in synthetic fabrics such as the latter don't leave room for the skin to breathe. And since they are a woven material, do not have much stretch or give.

A great alternative are modal or cotton robes that have good stretch and are generally comfortable and quite cosy. Since cotton is a natural fabric it has excellent breathability.

womens robe

Be prepared to pay a higher price for modal since it is the latest lingerie fabric to hit the intimate apparel market.

When purchasing a ladies robe, color is also a factor. If you are not sure which color looks best with your skin tone, try on a few different colors to get an idea.

As a general rule, black looks great on just about everyone and is the sexiest lingerie color.

Finally, and perhaps the most important is availability and price. If, you know which lingerie line or women sleepwear style you want, a quick search online will tell you which robes a store carries.

Often, the ladies sleepwear style and fabric are listed on the store’s website along with a picture and most importantly, buyer reviews.

This is especially helpful if you're looking for a specific item and want to know how popular or comfortable it is.

ladies robes

Keep in mind that sometimes a picture is not always an accurate representation of how well a robe fits or feels.

If, you are unable to actually touch and try on a robe in person, take some time and read the buyer reviews.

If you prefer online shopping over shopping in person, remember to check out the store's return policy prior to purchasing anything.

Some websites offer free shipping and returns, but return policies can vary significantly. So, it's important to know before you buy.

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