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The Beautiful Half Cup Bra: How To Get Your Perfect Match

Half Cup Bra - Undoubtedly a favorite among all body types, this beautiful bra fits and flatters any woman’s curves. It’s easy to find a brassiere that’s a perfect match for virtually any figure as long as you know a few key basics.

Find your ideal demi cup bra with our foolproof tips and tricks that will pair you with a piece that’s suited just for you. Here’s how to get the beautiful half bra of your dreams:

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 Half Cup Bra - Understand Your Body Type

Before you can successfully shop for bras, you need to get familiar with your body. Knowing your silhouette will help steer you towards the right half bras once you get into the stores.

Are you full busted? Plus sized? Petite? Average size?

You’ll be able to choose styles that are suited to your shape if you’re familiar with what it is, and you can understand if you need extra support, extra oomph, and so on.

Meet Your Needs

What are you wearing your half bra for? Is it for every day use? A special occasion? A romantic weekend?

Think about when you want to wear your bra and you’ll be well on your way to finding your perfect match.

If you’re looking for an every day style then seek out seamless cups in a neutral shade. Special occasion pieces and half bras worn for the boudoir can be more lavish in details, fabrics, and trims.

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 Try A Half Cup Bra Under Your Clothing

What looks great in the fitting room might not look as good under a top or dress.

Slip a simple camisole over any half cup bra you’re trying on to make sure your silhouette looks smooth and you don’t have any bumps, spillage, or unsightly bulges.

Check your reflection from all angles to make sure you look great from all view points.

Try On Different Half Bra Styles

A well rounded lingerie wardrobe features several must-have bra styles.

Fill your drawer with a comfortable bra that you can wear regularly, a feminine and lace bra that you can wear when you dress up, and a daring and sexy brassiere that you can slip on when you’re in the mood for a romantic night.

Don’t limit yourself to one style when you can stock up on a few half bras for a complete collections that you can wear no matter what the mood or occasion.

 Move Around In Your Bra

Did You Know?

Half bras are designed with a slight angle or tilt that pushes the breasts upward and gently together.

One of the secrets of looking and feeling great is having beautiful lingerie that fits well.

And, while a half bra should look great while you’re standing still, the perfect bra should also be able to move with your body as you move about throughout your day.

Here are a few quick tips to in the dressing room.

Try leaning forward, raising your arms above your head, and walking around in place when you’re in the fitting room.

This will ensure that you have the right fit with a brassiere that doesn’t shift, ride up, or leave you spilling out.

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Buy Multiples When You Find What You Love

Once you’ve found your perfect demi bra that fits like a glove and meets all of your lingerie needs, don’t hesitate to stock up.

We all know how hard it is to find the perfect bra, so if you’ve finally tracked down a half bra that works for your body, don't hesitate to buy several and you’ll be thanking yourself later.

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