Girls Training Bra FAQ's

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Choosing a girls training bra and preteen bras for young girls and teens alike is seen as a special occasion.

Shopping for intimate apparel for the first time is a symbol of impending maturity and becoming a young woman.

Preteens and teens alike are very sensitive about their self image, and helping them choose the right first bras is an important step in developing self confidence and healthy self esteem.

When Is It Time For A Girls Training Bra?

It's not so much the AGE of the girl that matters, as it is the size of her breasts.

Some girls start wearing a first bra as early as age 8, and others not until they're in their teens. Everyone is different.

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Training Bra Embarrassed

If mum or dad that thinks it's embarrassing then their daughter is going to feel it. If preteen bras and preteen lingerie become a big issue, then the child will feel it and be embarrassed.

Young girls who are confident with themselves do not feel embarrassed....

If your daughter is the independent type, the best thing to do is take her shopping at the mall. Don't make a huge deal about buying a girls training bra or teen bras.

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Give her some money to go shopping and tell her that you'd like her buy some teen bras (maybe suggest a teen sports bra), underwear, socks, camisoles and girls nightgowns.

This allows her to shop for one on her own and takes the focus off the training bra being such a huge deal.

If however, she's really embarrassed, it may be you she's embarrassed with.

Some young girls and preteens don't feel comfortable shopping with mum.

You might want to ask someone she trusts (like an older sister, cousin or aunt) to go with her.

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"Mom, I Need A Training Bra"

It's not that hard, just ask her. She was your age once and feeling the same things you are feeling now.

You could say something like "mom I'm growing up, and I'm going to need you to buy me some bras." She'll understand.

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Why Girls Wear A Training Bra

Young girls who are about to start puberty wear a training bra and start to take an interest in lingerie for teenagers, so they get used to the feeling of wearing intimate apparel and lingerie.

It's important for little girls to feel special about themselves as their bodies begin to change.

A girls training bra with a matching pair or two of teen panties is a great way encourage a healthy sense of self esteem that will carry them throughout life.

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