Parents Guide To Girls Sleepwear

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When shopping for girls sleepwear the most important consideration will likely be the design.

And, since children love cartoons, depending on the age of the girl, the color or popular cartoon character printed on the nightgown will be very important.

The younger the girl, the more likely that a bright pink or purple nightgown or pajamas will be a favorite that's worn again and again.

girls sleepwear

Girls Sleepwear

Popular TV and movie characters also excite little girls into putting on their sleepwear at night, which can make bedtime a lot easier for the parent and child.

kids sleepwear

Kids sleepwear manufacturers frequently license the images of the most popular toys, games and characters, with the express purpose of coaxing the parents into purchasing a bit of peace at bedtime.

Licensed nightwear is a novelty that also makes a good gift, especially for the girl who has everything.

Not until girls are nearly adults do they tend to choose fabrics wisely for cold or warmth.

Luckily, there are many fabrics and girls sleepwear styles available in popular patterns for girls.


Winter Sleepwear

In the winter it's best to opt for warmer fabrics like fleece and flannel sleepwear. Flannel pajamas and nightgowns are excellent choices, and are readily available in stores and online well ahead of the winter season.

cotton sleepwear

Girls enjoy footy pajamas and nightwear in very cold weather, though it's good to note that the feet can become hot in the middle of the night, especially when the blankets are heavy.

Girls still enjoy romping around in pajamas with feet before bed, even if before getting under the covers, she changes to something more practical for sleeping.

Footy pajamas or sleepers are usually made of fleece, though sometimes breathable cotton sleepwear styles can be found.

An all-in-one-piece, they cover the entire body from head to toe, and expose only the head, neck and hands. Zippers go up and down the front. These are also a favorite at kids slumber parties.

Summer Sleepwear

For the summer months, there are cotton nightgowns and cotton pajamas that come with shorts. Some come in sets where all pieces can be mixed and matched together.

girls sleepwear

Girls also especially like wearing "nighties", particularly in the summer months when the legs can go bare.

Night gowns can be short or long, without much change to the level of comfort.

Comfort will be a big consideration for the parent, and making sure that their daughter is not bothered by itchy tags or stiff fabric, will be a priority.

It's best to opt for soft stretch fabrics that are comfier for children to sleep in. And, a simple inspection and touch test of

night gowns and pajamas before purchase should alleviate any worry of potential discomfort.

girls nightgownKids Sleepwear

Girls sleepwear may be purchased in sizes a bit bigger, allowing some extra time to wear the nightwear before they grow out of them.

It's also important to note that for younger girls and babies, there are also safety issues involving nightwear.

kids sleepwear

The most current recommendations for babies tend to change, but parenting websites are a good resource for the most current safety information on nightgowns sleepwear.

The current standard is to make sure babies wear snug fitting nightwear. In addition, the state of California for example, requires nightwear to be treated with a fire resistant chemical.

If the girls sleepwear is weather appropriate, and the style makes her smile, it may be a good idea to stock up on multiple versions of the same favorite girls nightwear. Then, bedtime is sure to be a breeze for parent and daughter!

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