Shopping For Girls Nightgowns

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Girls nightgowns make fantastic holiday presents! Now that Thanksgiving has passed, lots of people have turned their sights on shopping for the best holiday gifts that they can find.

The first and most important thing to remember about buying any night gowns and preteen lingerie, teen lingerie or sleepwear for young ladies or children, or even kids robes is that all intimate apparel fabrics, particularly those that are synthetic, should be treated with a fire-retardant chemical.

Synthetic fabrics that have not been treated with such a substance will melt into the skin in the event of a fire, causing catastrophic injury for little ones and young teens alike.

Play it safe and don't buy nighties, sleepwear, or robes that have not been treated against fire.

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Girls Nightgowns

The next issue to consider is the nightgown style. Girls nightgowns come in literally hundreds of styles!

You can find almost anything you want, and the nightgowns and sleepwear are not usually expensive. Shopping for babies and young toddlers is easy, since most won’t care about what they’re wearing.

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Oversized tees, striped leggings or “baby legs” and adorable, curl-toed elf slippers are fantastic choices for the youngest recipients on your gift list.

Another excellent gift for a baby of either gender is a striped stocking cap; if you knit, you can pop one of these off in under an hour, and if you don’t, they’re not expensive to purchase, either.


Grown Up Girls

Older girls will have stronger opinions about the types of girls nightgowns they want to wear, so plan accordingly and ask their parents if you’re unsure.

Does she love Disney princesses? Consider a nightgown inspired by Jasmine, Belle, or Cinderella.

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Does she prefer the American Girl books and dolls?

Give her a cozy flannel nightshirt or flannel sleepwear with a night neck and flowing hemline; perhaps include a matching wrap robe and/or a fuzzy teddy bear to snuggle with on the coldest winter nights.

Girls who prefer more tomboyish styles might prefer a sleep set of flannel pants and a t-shirt or riverdriver shirt, rather than a traditional frilly cotton nightgown. These sleep sets are readily available at all manner of department stores and clothing retailers.

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Cozy Slippers

Nightgowns and sleepwear can be supplemented with a fuzzy, warm pair of socks or slippers.

Socks are comfy for girls of all ages; it’s a great idea to give socks that have a traction grip on the bottom, especially for toddlers who are still learning how to walk comfortably.

Slippers may be a better choice for older girls and teens; if you can, get slippers or moccasins that are lined with sheepskin for ultra comfort and warmth.

If you’re particularly crafty, you can purchase slipper soles in the proper size and knit beautiful outers for slippers in only a few hours.

If you’re really confident in your skills, consider beautiful intarsia designs for the most unique gifts.

Nightgowns make an excellent gift at any time of year, and are particularly appreciated during the chilly winter holiday months.

Your littlest gift recipients will think warmly of you all winter as they snuggle in their toasty, comfy nightgowns!

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