Feminine Lingerie Plus Size
How To Get The Best Styles

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Feminine Lingerie Plus Size - the right plus size lingerie can make all the difference in how you look and feel, no matter what you're wearing.

From the perfect panties to pretty bras and slips, finding the perfect intimate apparel for curvy and fuller figures is all about playing up your strengths, camouflaging problem areas, choosing colors you love, and getting the best possible fit.

feminine lingerie plus size

Feminine Lingerie Plus Size - The Fundamentals

Play Up Your Curves In Beautiful Lingerie

One of the keys to looking and feeling great is knowing how to make the most of your best assets and how to highlight them. For example, if you have -

  • a fantastic bust, show off your amazing cleavage in a plunging push up style bra or a beautiful lace bra with gorgeous detailing
  • a well-defined waist, then show it off in a nightie or robe with a sash at the waist or a curve hugging teddy
  • long legs, show them off in a pretty short chemise or a long gown with a long side slit

Camouflage Problem Areas With Intimate Apparel

It goes without saying that we all have areas we’re self conscious about, and flaws that we’d like to minimize. Perhaps it’s a rounded tummy, fuller hips or thighs, or fuller arms.

The key to looking (and feeling) great is knowing which styles offer more give when it comes to sizing, and avoiding anything too tight around the area you're sensitive about.

  • mask a soft tummy in baby dolls with a fitted waist top and flowing chemise
  • skim wider hips or thighs in a soft A-line nightie or pajamas
  • conceal soft arms with a long or cap sleeve gown or chemise
  • camouflage a curvy derriere with a matching cami set, chemise, or gown that drapes easily and doesn't tug or pull

Did You Know?

Brassiere manufacturer's styles and sizes can vary greatly, and any bra fit advice should be used as a guide only.

Choose A Pretty Feminine Lingerie Plus Size Color

It's easy to flatter your silhouette from top to bottom by selectively choosing plus size lingerie in beautiful colors that flatter.

No matter how pretty a bra, panty, chemise, nightgown or robe is, if it’s in a shade that you don't absolutely love, or one that washes you out, it will most probably end up at the back of your lingerie drawer.  Opt for -

  • colors that make your complexion glow or complement your eye color
  • brighter shades, pastels, and jewel tone lingerie styles that look great on virtually anyone
  • cool, soothing neutral tone sleepwear and nightwear as everyday favorites

Get The Best Lingerie Fit

The number one secret to looking fantastic in lingerie?  Styles that look and fit like they are tailor made for your shape.

Whether it’s a bra that lifts your bust and smooths your back, or a pair of panties that lie flat and create a sleek silhouette, the best intimate apparel styles that you'll reach for again and again are always those that fit perfectly.

  • no puckering
  • no gaps
  • no wrinkles
  • no tight seams

Shop Outside The Intimate Apparel Box

Find the best plus size lingerie by shopping around at different stores that you normally wouldn’t think of. You'll be surprised at some of the exciting goodies you can find by looking a bit further afield. 

  • if you always shop at the mall, try a small specialty lingerie boutique
  • look at chain stores for fun and frivolous extras like robes or babydoll nighties and get the looks you love for less

It doesn’t matter where your lingerie comes from as long as it fits great and you love it, so shake things up and look in different places for new and pretty plus size lingerie that you wouldn’t normally discover.

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