Eileen West Nightgowns:
5 Easy Essentials You Need To Know

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Eileen West nightgowns - one of the most sought after brands for gorgeous nightgowns, known for combing cool California style with beautiful sleepwear designs, that keep us coming back for more.

Every woman should have at least one of these stunningly simple and fresh styles in her lingerie drawer. A nighty experience that feels like a treat every time you slip it on, here are our top 5 essential tips to know about this popular sleepwear brand -

Did You Know?

Influenced by the light and cool blue skies of California, these light and airy nightgowns incorporate fresh colors along with delicate floral prints.

  There's A Nightgown For Every Shape  

Eileen West knows women’s bodies and they make their nightgowns to suit virtually every body type. Choose from long nightgowns, midi cuts, or knee length short nightgowns to flatter your height.

Enhance your silhouette with a selection of nightwear styles ranging from A-line, to shifts, to swingy nighty styles. Try sleeveless, short sleeves, or long sleeves, depending on how much skin you want to show.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to finding a nightgown that is perfectly tailored to your unique shape.

 Eileen West Nightgowns Suit Any Style  

Whether you gravitate towards Eileen West’s long Victorian inspired gowns, their shorter, sexier black nightys, or their quintessentially feminine floral styles, there’s something for everyone.

No matter what your personal style preferences are, you’ll be able to find an Eileen West nightie that fits seamlessly into your sleepwear collection and makes you feel beautiful and relaxed every time you slip it on.

Style Secrets

The Eileen West collection is made up of three unique sleepwear lines to satisfy different needs:

  • Eileen West – This collection offers the best nightgowns and sleepwear that combine pretty with practical in lightweight, feminine styles
  • Queen Annie's Lace – This sleepwear line is well known for its elaborate cotton heirloom and silk sleepwear.
  • Lanz of Salzburg – Classic and cozy flannel sleepwear in traditional European prints, Lanz nightgowns are the perfect choice for those cold winter months.

  Comfort is First And Foremost  

You’ll never find scratchy lace, cumbersome trims, or uncomfortable fabrics when you choose an Eileen West night gown.

This nightwear manufacturer knows that sleepwear should be designed with comfort in mind, first and foremost, and they stay true to this. No matter which style you opt for, you’ll always feel comfy, cozy, and pampered in an Eileen West nightgown.

  Sleepwear Loaded With Luxe Details  

Comfort is key, but Eileen West knows that women also want to feel pretty in their nightgowns, pajamas, and robes, and that’s why their nightgowns are always trimmed with luxurious details.

Whether it’s a delicate heirloom lace, silk trims, or hand painted prints, you’ll fall in love with the indulgent qualities of Eileen West’s nightgowns.

Eileen West Nightgowns

Carmen's Tip

High quality fabrics will also last much longer than cheap pieces, especially if you wash and store them properly and treat them with the special care that they deserve.

Beautiful Lingerie Fabrics  

You won’t find any poor quality fabrics or cheap synthetics when you buy an Eileen West night gown.

They’re known for quality and for using only the best fabrics in their sleepwear lines. From weightless cottons to sumptuous modal blends, their fabrics feel like a dream to wear.

When you invest in an Eileen West nightgown you're buying one of the finest sleepwear brands on the market, and will have something that you can treasure and enjoy for years to come.

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