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Down Robe - Q & As That Will Make You An Expert

Down Robe - Fewer things make a woman feel more pampered and indulgent than an ultra soft plush robe that keeps you cozy warm, which makes this one of our top picks for luxury robes.

If you’re debating adding one of these sumptuous sleep wear favorites to your collection, then check out these essential Q & As for figuring out everything you want to know about one of the warmest tried and true favorites that never goes out of style.

Down Robe - Questions and Answers

Q. Will These Plush Robes Make Me Look Bigger?

A. Not if you choose the right style.  While these womens robes are certainly bulkier than lighter weight fabrics that doesn’t mean they need to make you look bigger.

If you’re concerned about a down robe or any type of sleepwear adding the appearance of too much bulk to your frame -

  • look for thinner or finer fabrics
  • define your waist by cinching the belt
  • find subtle ways to visually break up the silhouette
  • try ¾ length sleeves for glimpse of your wrists
  • opt for a knee length style to show off your legs

These little style nuances can make a big difference in keeping your shape looking slim and svelte even in these plush robes.

Did You Know?

Several manufacturers make these luxury robes with high neck cowls that encircle the neck and provide extra warmth for very cold weather; these can be folded up or down like lapels giving you more flexibility.

Q. Are These Types Of Bathrobes Hard To Care For?

A. All if takes is a little TLC!  These luxury robes are simple to keep clean and fresh and will last for years if you take care of them.  How?

  • hang your robe when you’re not wearing it to keep the fabric free from wrinkles, and follow these simple washing instructions when you need to clean it
  • spot treat stains as needed and hand wash when a full cleaning is required
  • use a mild detergent made specially for lingerie and intimate apparel
  • roll in a towel to absorb excess moisture
  • tumble dry on low heat to fluff your robe as it dries

If you’re not a do-it-yourself kind of person, then a simple trip to the dry cleaners will do the trick.

Sleepwear Tip

Down is NOT designed to get wet.  These robes are not recommended to dry off after a shower or bath; the feathers inside will quickly become waterlogged and clumpy. While it is wet, down is much less effective at retaining heat.

Q. Does Down Sleepwear Cost A Fortune?

A. Not if you shop smart. There are a wide range of ladies robes, from ultra high end, to more economical options.

Like most beautiful lingerie styles, if you crave more expensive styles that are beyond your reach, they can be yours if you shop strategically. How? 

  • shop around online, sign up for mailing lists or VIP memberships to receive exclusive discounts, and watch for your favorite stores biggest semi-annual sales

A little extra homework on your part can lead to major savings and can help you score a stunning down robe at a wallet-friendly price.

How Does Down Work?

Tiny feathers are covered with microscopic fibers that cling to each other, trapping the warm air between them - making them a fantastic insulating material, and the perfect choice for a warm and cosy long robe.

Q. I’m Allergic To Feathers – Does This Mean I Have To Skip A Down Robe?

A. Not at all.  Modern technology has given us two great options to choose from: goose down made from real feathers, and synthetic down which is a great choice for those who need a hypoallergenic style.

  • synthetic down looks and feels the same as goose down but doesn’t contain any animal fibers
  • often they’re filled with poly-cotton or gel-like fibers that create the same plush softness that you love down for
  • another bonus of synthetic down is that you can simply toss it into the washing machine and dryer.

We love how you can take your pick on which intimate apparel material works best for your needs without having to sacrifice any of the warmth of these popular luxury robes.