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Chenille Robes - Insider Secrets That Will Surprise You

Chenille Robes - You may love the cozy, plush softness of chenille and the amazing way that it feels, but there are lots of secrets about this popular ladies sleepwear that we bet you didn't know.

From its effortless wearability to its simple and straightforward care, we’ve rounded up 5 tips and tricks that every woman needs to know. Follow along as we reveal the insider secrets that will surprise you.

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Chenille Robes Are Ultra Versatile

Chenille can work with any look, whether you slip it on on over your coziest flannel pjs, or your sexiest lingerie; you’ll love the multiple ways you can wear this robe.

You’ll get a ton of use from these multi-tasking luxury robes that look great with any of your sleepwear or lingerie items, adding a layer of snuggly softness to any look, whatever your style is.

Choose a soft pastel shade for a feminine look, a classic neutral like grey or taupe for a timeless look, or opt for a bright jewel tone, or a sexy-siren red for a more sultry vibe.

Did You Know?

Plush robes are sought after for their softness and warmth and are very popular in areas with cold winters and chilly climates.

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Womens Robes That Offer Affordable Luxury

Women adore feeling posh and pampered in their sleepwear, whether its a silk chemise, fine lace bra, or cashmere pajamas.

A soft and cosy robe is the perfect topper for that exquisite feeling that will have you looking forward to bed time.

The best part about a chenille is that it gives you all of the special, spoiled feelings of high-end fabrics, but at an affordable price that works for any budget.

Regardless of your bank balance, these ladies robes are the perfect way to indulge in a luxurious look for less.

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Bath Robes That Are Easy To Care For

No one wants to spend their free time hand washing fussy fabrics. One of the best things about chenille robes is how simple they are to care for.

The plush fabric never wrinkles or looks dirty.

When it is time to wash your robe, you can simply pop it into your regular laundry load and walk away.

There’s no need for dry cleaning fancy silks or cashmeres, or hand cleaning lace when you can enjoy all the softness of chenille with none of the hassle.

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You Can Buy These Ladies Robes Anywhere

Save yourself scouting out specialty lingerie boutiques and hit up any number of stores to find the perfect chenille robe.

This popular sleep wear style is available everywhere, from department store, mass retailers, or fine lingerie boutiques.

Robes are also easy to buy online, opening up a ton of shopping choices, allowing you to seek out sales and endless options for color and style.

Buying a chenille robe is a cinch because you can pick one up anywhere you love to shop for lingerie and sleepwear.

Intimate apparel companies often use phrases like “Parisian Style” or “Limited Edition Color” to make you think their robes are worth much more than they are.

High quality chenille is often made with an acrylic core that keeps the fabric from “balding” and losing its small fibers that give the fabric its softness and warmth, so don't always assume that 100% cotton is better.

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These Plush Robes Compliment Any Shape

Whether you’re curvy, petite, tall, plus size, or any other shape, a chenille robe is always a perfect choice that flatters any figure.

Robes are easy to wear and make any sleepwear look great.

The cinching of the robe sash gives definition to the waist, which benefits any body type.

You’ll love the way a chenille robe subtly shows off your silhouette and always makes you look and feel your very best.

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