Cozy Chenille Robe Secrets

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Chenille robe - among the softest and cosiest luxury robes available today, chenille is a great option for enveloping yourself in cozy, soft comfort.

These popular thick womens robes are available in a nice variety of styles and sizes to fit every budget and every individual.

From tiny kids robes to luxurious spa robes. Colors run the gamut from crisp, classic white to zippy cranberry and even a variety of cool, funky patterns.

Let's take a closer look...

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Chenille Robe

The word chenille is a French word that means caterpillar, and is so named for the fuzzy, little green worm that morphs into a beautiful butterfly.

A chenille wrap robe is fuzzy, soft, nubby and thick, which makes it much too warm to wear during the summer months, but an ideal choice for the fall and winter season.

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A Womens Sleepwear Favorite

So, what makes this informal womens robe such a perennial favorite? Cosy, warm chenille robes are perfect to wear while relaxing at the spa or even just lounging at home after a long day.

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They are also an excellent choice for chilly mornings and evenings, and slipping into after a long hot bath, and are available in a number of styles, of which the kimono robe or hooded robe are the most popular.

Other favorites include the zip front robe for its easy access, and snap or standard button closures.

They come in virtually every size imaginable, from petite to plus size robes for both sexes. Monogrammed His and Hers chenille robes are especially popular among couples and make a favorite gift especially around the holidays.

These designer robes also make good Valentine’s Day presents as well as birthday presents.

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Finding a quality robe in chenille is quite simple. Once you decide on the style, take a look at the lingerie online and your favorite bricks and mortar stores for something that fits your style and budget.

When it comes to the comfortable feeling of chenille, many women prefer a cotton weave as it is better able to absorb moisture and allow the garment to breathe.

Many people avoid synthetic weaves like acrylic or rayon believing that they are uncomfortable. But, these days fabric technology has progressed to the point that synthetics are just as comfortable and soft as cotton chenille.

Long Robes or Short Robes?

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Another important decision is robe length. Many women prefer long robes for their warmth, and cozy feel. Other women prefer short robes for their convenience.

Short robes are a nice option for ladies who want a comfortable bathrobe to wear while putting on their makeup or shaving their legs.

There are endless options in luxury robes available, so take some time to discover the feminine appeal of these beautiful womens robes. You'll wonder what took you so long!

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