Cashmere Robes Insiders Guide

Cashmere robes are the creme de la creme of ladies sleepwear and mens robes, and admittedly a luxury few can afford.

With the same sensual appeal of silk robes, these downy soft luxury robes are crafted from the finest cashmere wool (normally 100% cashmere), and provide the wearer with incomparable comfort against the skin.

Cashmere Robes

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So, what is cashmere? Cashmere is a fine wool that comes from the undercoat fibers of the Cashmere goat.

This fabric is renowned for its fine texture and soft touch.

It is also exceptionally strong and provides a high degree of warmth.

Cashmere robes, loungewear and womens sleepwear insulate the wearer against cold and drafts, but are not at all bulky, thick, or chunky.

These sought-after womens robes and mens robes have a flattering silhouette that is great for all figure types.

Cashmere wool occurs in a small handful of natural rich earth tones, including shades of grey, brown, cream and white. However, a gamut of gorgeous colors for these sexy robes can be created by dying the wool.

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If you are going to purchase a 100% cashmere robe, nightgown or any kind of loungewear, expect to pay at least several hundred dollars.

Retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and other specialty vendors of luxury goods routinely offer these ladies robes costing between several hundred and several thousand dollars.

When purchasing such a luxurious womens robe or even matching cashmere night gowns, or pajama bottoms, there are several things to keep in mind, particularly concerning its care and maintenance.

Cashmere luxury robes should not be exposed to deodorants, perfumes, makeup, hairspray, or other such chemicals. These can irreparably damage the wool and can cause visible staining.

Almost all cashmere can be washed by hand in lukewarm water.

How? It is quite simple really. Wash any short or long robes, long nightgowns or intimate apparel with a mild shampoo or wool wash that is free of harsh chemicals, dyes, and perfumes.

Never wring cashmere to dry it out, as this can lead to fiber breakage. Instead, roll it in an absorbent towel and let the towel wick the moisture away naturally.

Use a series of towels if you need to. Finally, lay your robe on a dry towel and leave it there until it is fully dry.

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Most cashmere robes may be taken to the dry cleaners, if you prefer. Be sure that your care label lists this as an option before dropping the robe off.

Never hang cashmere up to dry; the weight of the wet wool will pull the garment permanently out of shape. Always dry cashmere women sleepwear garments flat.

Even dry cashmere lingerie and garments should not be stored on hangers, but rather folded and stored in a dresser or on a closet shelf.

To guard against moths, scatter cloves, cedar chips, or packets of lavender around your closet, drawer, or cedar chest.

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Keeping your robe free of food stains will help make it less attractive to moths.

Moths are also attracted to body oil residue commonly found on most clothing and intimate apparel.

If storing your cashmere wrap robe in a vacuum bag or other airtight container for long-term storage, it’s wise to include some cedar chips or mothballs in the container as an extra preventative measure.

By taking these few simple precautions, you can make luxurious cashmere robes last a lifetime! Decades of enjoyment are absolutely worth a few extra minutes of care each day.

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