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Calida Nightgowns - 4 Myths That Will Surprise You

Calida Nightgowns. Quick, name one of the most popular lingerie and sleepwear companies in Europe that has been around since the 1940s, and is completely sustainable.  Surprise, it's Calida.

Much loved for decades, there's something undeniably beautiful about this classic Swiss sleepwear brand. 

With an eye to quality and beautiful fabrics that are ultra soft and OEKO-TEX® certified, Calida is quite simply, the go-to choice for comfortable and relaxing styles that will never outlive their welcome in your lingerie drawer.

calida nightgowns

If you’re not already a die-hard fan, or have misconceptions about a brand  you've never heard of, no worries.  Below, we answer the possible questions and set the record straight on an amazing sleep wear brand that's ahead of its time.

Calida Nightgowns - All You Need Is One

While it’s true that Calida nightgowns have the staying power and versatility to meet your sleepwear needs, let’s ignore the standard "only what you need" and focus instead on the variety of choice.

Why choose just one Calida nightie when you can stock up on several styles; each prettier and more appealing than the next?

  • try a short sleeved nightshirt style
  • a longer nighty for cool nights
  • a sleeveless short nightgown for warmer nights
  • a button front look

and have fun picking out several colorful prints and pieces. With Calida nightgowns, you don’t have to choose just one when you treat yourself to these must-have nightgowns.


Did You Know?

Cotton is a natural fiber that's eco-friendly. It has an easy breathability that helps to regulate body temperature.

Calida leads the way in sustainability with 75% of its materials coming from Switzerland, Austria or Germany. 

Calida Sleepwear Is Over Priced

Calida night gowns are in fact, well-priced. They’re manufactured using beautiful lingerie fabrics and trims, so you won’t find them at low quality retailers or bargain basement prices. 

While you may pay a little more than other brands or styles, it’s well worth it over the long run when you buy a nighty or sleepwear style from this beloved brand with a rich history for making luxurious and comfortable nightgowns.

Calida lingerie and sleepwear stands the test of time, especially when it's properly cared for.  It’s an easy investment when you see how long these well-made night wear pieces will last and how often you’ll choose them from your lingerie drawer.

calida sleepwear

They Only Make Basic Sleepwear Styles

It’s certainly true that Calida makes timeless nightgowns that will look just as nice years from now as they do today, especially if they're well cared for.

They’re perfectly suited to a woman with traditional and classic taste in sleepwear.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking their nightgowns are basic, boring, or bland. Calida, in fact caters to a wide range of tastes.

While you can buy a classic white Calida nightie you can also find whimsical prints, bright colors, and a variety of styles so pretty that it’s impossible to choose which you like best.

calida nightgowns

Did You Know?

While North American lingerie manufacturers enjoy a large share of the ladies sleepwear, European lingerie manufacturers have always enjoyed a reputation as a cut above the rest in terms of quality and comfort.

It's Not Trendy Night Wear

Many of Calida’s biggest fans have been wearing and enjoying this beautiful  brand for years, however that doesn’t mean that younger women aren’t falling for them every day.

Calida has tapped into the secret that makes their nighties appealing to all ages: they give women cozy, comfortable lingerie and sleepwear styles that are pretty and tried and true.

Whether you favor their more conservative long nightgowns or brighter prints and shorter nightshirts, there’s a style for women of any age to wear and love.

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