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Calida Nightgowns - 5 Easy Ways To Save On Favorites

Calida Nightgowns - Finding a sleepwear brand that feels like it was made for you is akin to the perfect last minute weekend getaway. And, while it’s tempting to stock your drawer with every color of these gorgeous comfy cozy nightgowns, it’s not always an option when you're on a budget.

calida nightgowns

No worries - you can still buy the beautiful nightgowns from this beloved European lingerie brand without breaking the bank.  Follow these 5 surprisingly simple tips and learn how to save on your favorites...

Choose Calida Nightgowns That Cover All Seasons

When affordability is front and center, did you know that your cost-per-wear of a Calida nightgown goes way down when you buy a nighty that you can wear all year round? Here's what to look for:

  • an ultra versatile nightie that works no matter what season it is. Try a midi length that will be warm enough in winter but not too covered and hot during the summer.
  • short sleeves to keep your shoulders covered when it’s cool but won’t be too hot in the warmer months.
  • a fabric, like an easy stretch jersey that you can wear 365 days a year, instead of heavy flannel or light cotton nightgowns.

When you pick a nightgown with these flexible features you’ll get to enjoy your Calida nightgown any night of the year.

Did You Know?

Founded in 1941, Calida Lingerie is headquartered in Switzerland.

This popular European lingerie manufactures daywear (bras, panties, camisoles and tops), sleepwear (pajamas, nightgowns, pants, robes, nightshirts, etc.), and beachwear.

calida nightgowns

Scour The Web For Sales On Nightgowns And Sleepwear

Calida sleepwear is a popular European lingerie brand and is sold on several major e-commerce sites; from Amazon and eBay to small, independent lingerie boutiques, each retailer will have their own sales and offer a variety of styles.

Do a little research to identify the top sellers of Calida nighties that carry the particular styles that you like, so you can check them frequently and cash in on their best sales.

At times you can score great savings on Calida nightgowns when you keep an eye out for their big sales events.

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Buy Multiple Night gowns To Save

Take advantage of spending a little more up front to save with bulk buying deals, free shipping, and more.

Sometimes you need to spend a bit more money to get the best deals, but in the long run it will save you cash, when your lingerie drawer is already stocked with these fabulous night gowns.

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Fabric Facts...

Women keep coming back to Calida for a good reason - comfortable, easy-fitting pull-over nightgowns made of stretchy, 100% interlocking cotton knit and organically grown fibers.

Sign Up To Save On Sleepwear Favorites

Here's a clever insider tip: choose your favorite Calida retailers and get on their email or mailing lists.

Clients on email and mailing lists are most often notified in advance of insider offers, special discounts and promotion codes, and even exclusive sales events just by signing up.

Also, look into joining their VIP or frequent buyer clubs to get great deals on the styles that you love.

Every store has their own offers, points systems, and different types of savings, so sign up at a couple of different shops to get a variety of choices.

The Sleepwear Scoop

Calida sleepwear styles are modest and cater to women who prefer traditional and simple night wear styles combined with functionality and innovative natural fabrics.

Make Friends With Intimate Apparel Representatives

Instead of ignoring sales people at your favorite department stores and lingerie boutiques, spend more time talking with them and getting to know them.

They’re there to help you, and the more you let them know the brands and styles that you love, the more they’ll be able to share with you.

Remember, they have the inside scoop on when their best sales will hit, or other ways you can save.

Get in on their know-how and secret tips to earn yourself the best savings on your favorite Calida gowns and lingerie.

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