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Bodysuit Women: 4 Easy Ways To Get What You Want

Bodysuit Women ...Though its popularity has ebbed and waned over the years, the bodysuit is a very versatile piece of lingerie that has crossed over into everyday clothing.

bodysuit women

It can be worn for a multitude of different occasions - from office to weekend wear.

This multi-functional womens lingerie is a real workhorse.

It can be worn under business suits, skirts and trousers for a tailored and professional look that is polished enough for work.

And, bodysuits can also be worn under khaki pants, jeans, leggings and skirts for a more relaxed look on weekends.

To get the best look and fit there are a few things to keep in mind. Let's take a closer look.

1. A Bodysuit Women Feel Comfy In:  Fabric With Stretch

Cotton / lycra blend fabrics tend to be more casual while laces, microfiber and newer fabrics like bamboo are dressier.

For the smoothest look and the best fit, opt for fabrics with stretch. This means choosing a bodysuit that a has a touch of lycra / spandex.

Cotton or lace is the obvious choice for many women buying a bodysuit; however these fabrics on their own will bag, sag or gap – not a pretty sight.

Take a quick look at bodysuits and other close fitting lingerie like teddies that don't have spandex, and compare them to those that do.

Notice the difference? Those without don't have a snug, smooth fit, plus they tend to gap in unexpected places.

The benefit of cotton, lace, or any fabric with a touch of lycra / spandex is it conforms to your shape and becomes a “second skin”, moving as you do comfortably throughout the day.

Essentially, it acts like a gentle elastic and eliminates sagging and gapping.


2. A Bodysuit Women Love: The Right Neckline

Perhaps the most important shortcut in choosing the right style of bodysuit women love is the right neckline. Bodysuits come in a surprising variety of styles that include different necklines and sleeves. Ask yourself -


What kind of neckline do you want? A traditional scoop or round neckline is the most flattering and popular style that most women choose. Other basic necklines include square, V neck, and boat neck.

Choosing a neckline is also a matter of taste and your current wardrobe.

For example if you've decided to buy a bodysuit women love for skirts and pants, and you plan to match it with a sweater, blouse or blazer, be sure to opt for a similar neckline.

So, for example, if your cardigan has a round neckline, then opt for a bodysuit with a round neckline. Nothing looks worse than a mismatched scoop necked cardigan over a bodysuit with a square neckline.

lace bodysuit

3. Choose Your Panty Wisely

Finally, while some women prefer bodysuits with a full panty, many find full bodysuits can be quite hot as the day wears on. For this reason alone, a lot of women prefer thong bodysuits over full bodysuits simply because they're cooler.

Thong bodysuits are much like thong panties, they come in a variety of styles that range from slightly covered, similar to tanga panties, to more risque g string that leave the buttocks completely exposed.

spanx bodysuit

Style is a matter of personal taste, so one particular style of bodysuit is not necessarily better than another.

Keep in mind though that while thong bodysuits are great for summer wear, they may not be appropriate under sheer skirts and pants that might leave you exposed and embarrassed when you least expect it!

No matter which bodysuit you choose, here's a lingerie tip that will keep you comfy:

Opt for bodysuits with covered elastic along the panty. Uncovered elastic tends to be rough; covered elastic will minimize chafing and irritation on delicate skin along the inner thigh.

4. A Bodysuit Women Want: How To Shop on eBay

Shopping online for bodysuits, shapewear, and beautiful lingerie is easy on eBay.com.

crotchless bodysuits

From a sexy sheer bodysuit to a thong bodysuit, or even a peekaboo latex bodysuit, the selection of intimate apparel is fabulous.

Everything listed is available right now - so if you see something you like, hurry and place your bid.

When you click on a link a new window will open and you'll see a sampling of what's currently available online.

Want to continue lingerie shopping? Just follow the view all items link at the end of the listings...

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