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The 411 on Womens Thong Underwear

Womens Thongs - Have questions about thongs? You're not alone. As a lingerie designer one of the questions I'm often asked is, "is the thong still as popular as ever?"

From low rise to high cut, and tanga to g string, thongs are available in almost every sexy style (and size) that you can imagine.

Add sexy material choices to the mix like lace, satin, silk and sheer, and it becomes an exotic panty cornucopia!

Thongs are not for the faint of heart, and for some women they can take some getting used to. Here you'll find a list of our most popular questions that include everything from fit to what to wear....

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How Should A Thong Fit?

A thong should lay flat and smoothly on your body. It shouldn't bunch up, pull, or separate your skin, and most important - it should NOT be visible.

The best thongs have a comfy cotton crotch, and are made of lightweight, soft, stretchy fabrics (lace, cotton, nylon or microfiber) with a touch of spandex (lycra) for an easy fit.

What Thongs Are Best For Work?

Before you slip on your favorite sheer thong, ask yourself if it's appropriate for your workplace?

If, you're in an office that's conservative, opt for cotton, microfiber or satin thongs that are smooth and almost invisible.

While peekaboo lace might be tempting, keep in mind that it shows through almost everything.

What Should I Wear With White Jeans?

Under your white jeans or favorite sheer pants? Smooth and lightweight nylon, microfiber or cotton thongs and g string panties are your best choice. Look for styles with flat or minimal seams, with laser cut edges that are virtually invisible.

When it comes to color, nude or neutral tones that are closest to your natural skin tone are ideal under white.

Lingerie Tip: white panties under white jeans, pants or skirts are a big no-no, unless you want the world to know!

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Are Thongs Still In Style?

Yes, they are. And while, the "peekaboo thongs on display" trend is not quite extinct, the craze has thankfully tapered off.

Thong panties, which were wildly popular in the 1990's (remember Sisqo's infamous "Thong Song"?), are now back where they belong: in a supportive role, quietly fighting the dreaded VPL and impressing husbands, boyfriends and lovers everywhere.

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