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Plus size strapless bras have always been the types of bras that have struck fear into the hearts of plus size women.

For decades, zaftig women have had to choose between support and comfort when it comes to plus size bras and most strapless bras intended for the rubenesque left breasts unsupported and uncomfortable.

Thankfully, this is no longer the case, and women who are bra shopping for plus size bras and intimate apparel will be rewarded with a brassiere that is comfortable to wear and fabulous.

The most important consideration is support. Any plus size strapless bra should be constructed with underwire support.

Many women enjoy the freer feeling of wireless bras; however, a strapless bra intended for fuller busted women should have underwire construction because there are no shoulder straps to help support the weight of the breasts.

plus size strapless bras

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The next factor to consider is staying power. The most effective and comfortable strapless full figured bras have wider back bands and additional hooks and eyes so that the brassiere stays in place and does not shift around.

Getting the correct bra size is essential so the brassiere will stay comfortably in place. It is also important to avoid the appearance of sagging even if the breasts are naturally firm.

Keep in mind that strapless bras that are intended to wear under white dresses, tops and clothing should match the the skin tone closely.

Nude or neutral brassieres and plus size lingerie help the bra blend in with the skin and remain invisible beneath white clothing.

Marie Jo 010-0413 Avero Strapless Convertible Bra

Fantasie 4530 Smoothing Seamless Strapless Bra
Because they are specialty bras, strapless bras are often a bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts.

To get the maximum value for your money, consider a strapless bra or convertible bra that comes with a pair of removable bra straps.

These straps attach in the front and back of the bra, and may be repositioned in several ways so the bra is effective beneath many types of clothing.

Convertible bras give you many options.

For example, these bras may be worn strapless if need be, with their straps in the standard position, or in a halter-style configuration, with only one strap in place, or with one strap that crosses the back diagonally. It’s like buying several bras at once!

plus size bras

Whenever possible, plus size strapless bras should be tried on in the boutique before purchase.

Because they need to stay in place without shoulder straps, these bras should fit a bit more tightly around the ribs.

Goddess 689 Lace Longline Bra
Certain manufacturers also use bra sizes that are slightly different than what you may be used to.

So, if you are having difficulty finding the right bra size enlist the help of a seasoned salesperson to help you determine your bra size.

They can professionally measure you and even recommend specific brands and bra styles that would work best with your body type.

After all, even the most expensive brassiere will not be effective if it doesn’t fit your body correctly.

Don’t gamble on this important purchase; it’s the most important step to looking and feeling fabulous.

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