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Learning how to determine bra size properly can improve your daily health and comfort in several dramatic ways.

Many women suffer from back and neck pain and don’t look their best from day to day because they’re wearing the wrong bra sizes and don’t even realize it!

Wearing the correct bra size is essential for your daily comfort. A bra fitting properly is also important to maintain the health of your spine, shoulders, and neck, and will help your blouses fit in the most flattering way possible.

If you don’t know how to determine bra size, read on for all the information you’ll need.

determine bra size

To begin, you’ll need a measuring tape. Be sure to use a flexible one intended for measuring people; a stiff, metal variety used for home improvements won’t give you an accurate bra measurement.

A pen and paper are also handy for writing down the measurements you’ll be taking. The first step in how to fit a bra is to measure yourself; remove your blouse but keep your bra on.

First, measure around your ribcage, directly beneath the bust, after breathing out and removing as much air from your lungs as you can.

bra sizes
bra measurements

If the measurement isn’t a whole number, round it up; if you get an even number, add 4, and if you get an odd number, add 5. Then write this number down.

Now, measure around the fullest part of your bust (be sure you’re not wearing a push up bra or any type of padded push up bras for this).

The measuring tape should be neither loose nor overly tight. Round your measurement up to the nearest whole number and write it down on your paper.

To determine bra size, subtract the first number (your band measurement) from the second one (your cup measurement).

determine bra size

For every inch of difference, add one cup size.

For example, if you measured 34 inches around your ribcage, you would add 4 inches (since 34 is an even number) and the result would be a 38-inch band.

If your bust measurement was 40, you would then calculate 40-38 and wind up with 2, making your proper bra size 38B.

Knowing how to determine bra size can help make lingerie and bra shopping pleasant and guess-free.

bra sizes

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However, it’s always a good idea to have a lingerie professional size you every few years, or every time you go through a major life event such as having a baby or losing a large amount of weight.

It’s also best to be professionally measured if you wear full bras or plus size bras and (above a D) and lingerie, since at-home measurements are less accurate for large cup sizes.

It’s also wise to try on brassieres before you buy them, especially when you’re trying a brand or bra style that you haven’t previously tried.

Remember too, that some bras like strapless bras are sized differently than regular brassieres, so it is especially important to try these specialty bras on before purchasing them.

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