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Finding the correct bra size can be very frustrating for the 85% of North American women who are currently wearing the wrong bra sizes.

No matter if it's your first bra or your hundredth, the goal should always be a comfortable and invisible bra fit.

Life is too short to be wearing tight brassieres that poke, ride up, or pucker from here to the moon!

And, once you understand the basics, finding the right bra size is not too difficult to master. If, you don't know your bra size, click on our easy bra size calculator and check out our popular questions and answers below that will help you get the best bra fit.

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Questions And Answers

The bra band is cutting and when I take it off there are deep marks, what should I do?
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The brassiere band may be too tight.

Opt for a style with a wider or padded band with cushioning in a softer fabric. They're designed to be more comfortable.

Also, opt for the next size up (eg. from 34C to 36C).

My breasts are sagging, what should I do?
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Don't panic! You most likely need more support.

Avoid bras in stretch or lightweight fabrics that aren't structured. Look for bra styles with better support.

Also, make sure your bra straps are not loose; they should be comfortably taut.

My bras straps are falling down, what should I do?
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First step is to try shortening the bra straps to a comfy length.

If after adjusting them your breasts aren't filling out the top of the cups, try going down a cup size (eg. from 36C to 34C). This should solve your problem.

How Often Should You Replace Your Bras?

Generally, you'll want to replace your bras every 6 months to 2 years. If, you wear your favorites on a regular basis you may want to replace them sooner.

Here's a quick rule of thumb - if a bra is stretched to its limit or no longer supports as it should, it's time to say bye bye to the old brassiere and hello to a new one!

The brassiere straps are digging into and leaving marks on my shoulders, ouch!
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You need more support. Look for bra styles with wider or padded straps.

Also, try loosening the straps so they're not so tight. Keep in mind that support from a brassiere comes from the band, not the straps.

The side of my brassiere is too tight, and / or I've got side spillage
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Choose a bra style with wider than average sides. These tend to be more supportive and good at eliminating the "side boob" problem.

If, the sides are just too tight, try increasing the bra band measurement (eg. from 34C to 36C).

The bra cup is wrinkling, what should I do?
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It sounds like your bra cup is too big! This is a common problem for many women.

A good bra fit should be smooth and taut, not wrinkled; especially the bra cup.

To solve this problem, opt for a smaller cup size (eg. from 36c to 36b).

My breasts are spilling over the top of my bra
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If, your breasts are overflowing anywhere, you're not wearing the correct bra size.

To fix this problem, opt for the next cup size up (eg. from 38C to 38D), or look for a fuller cup with more coverage and support on the sides and top.

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