How To Buy Womens Nightgowns

How To Buy This Ladies Sleepwear Favorite

Womens nightgowns have bloomed from plain and practical, into a very versatile collection of ladies sleepwear with more than just basic night gowns, pajamas and womens robes.

Attractive womens sleepwear now includes everything from a classic cotton nightgown to camisoles and cami sets, luxurious satin nightgowns and even cosy flannel sleepwear.

Choosing the right women's nightgowns and sleepwear styles is an essential part of getting a good night’s sleep.

Whether you prefer Victorian nightgowns in cool crisp cotton, sexy nightgowns in peekaboo lace or even satin pyjamas, it all boils down to wearing a sleepwear style that feels good and is comfortable.

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Here we’ll pose a few questions you should ask when lingerie shopping for nightgowns, pajamas, sleepwear and just about any intimate apparel.

What's The Nightgown For?

  • Consider what you want the nightgowns or sleepwear for. Is it for relaxing at home, for keeping warm during a cold winter's night, for a romantic evening with a loved one, or perhaps for some fantasy?

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Which Fabric Is Best?

  • Lingerie and intimate apparel fabrics come in a variety of choices, from ultra light chiffon to warm and heavy flannel.
  • A cool and fresh white nightgown in lightweight cotton or a cotton chemise springs to mind for warm nights primarily because cotton is a natural fiber that breathes.
  • Cool to cold weather on the other hand, is better met with the likes of a flannel nightshirt with a chenille robe or for those looking to really keep warm, a down robe.
  • If a romantic weekend getaway with champagne for two is on the horizon, then a sheer negligee or a silk nightgown are sexy nightgowns for you to consider.
  • Lingerie embellishments and fabric trim also plays an important role in choosing the right nightgowns and lingerie.

    Lace, beading and embroidery are all "icing on the cake" when it comes to women's nightgowns and sleepwear.

  • A good thing to keep in mind is if your skin is sensitive to such trims, then you’re better off with womens nightgowns and lingerie styles in natural fibers of cotton or silk without the added trim.


What Is Your Personal Style?

  • Simple, sophisticated, glamorous, and trendy - there are a multitude of styles available in womens nightgowns.
  • These styles suit corresponding personalities. Your choice will depend on YOU. Opt for a nightwear style that reflects your personality and one that you'll love.

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Which Color?

  • From ultra creamy white to the palest pink and fire engine red to sophisticated black there are thousands of shades in the spectrum to choose from.

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