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White cotton nightgowns are a classic ladies sleepwear choice for summer wear. They’re stylish, cool, comfortable, and easy to care for. Every woman should have at least one or two in her lingerie drawer!

Cotton nightgowns are affordably priced and a great asset for the frequent traveler.

White nightgowns of any color are a wise choice in hot, humid weather because they reflect heat away from the body.

Many women prefer skimpy sexy nightgowns in the summer heat, since these night gowns leave a lot of skin exposed and allow perspiration to easily evaporate.

White cotton nightgowns also provide the same degree of comfort to women who prefer a more modest silhouette. white cotton nightgowns

Thanks to the miraculous moisture-wicking properties of the cotton fiber, even modest cotton nightgowns guide sweat away from the skin.

The highly breathable cotton sleepwear fabric lets air circulate around the body, allowing the wearer to stay cool and comfortable.

For the greatest degree of comfort, the modest consumer should look for white cotton nightgowns that are amply cut and non-binding.

Snug wrist cuffs should be avoided, where possible, since they can irritate the delicate skin of the wrists and create a heavy, claustrophobic feeling.

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When possible, opt instead for cotton womens nightgowns with a flowing sleeve and no cuff, or with loose (and preferably adjustable) cuffs.

An adjustable neckline is another wonderful feature found on many white cotton nightgowns.

cotton nightgowns

These allow the neckline of the nightie to be adjusted to suit a woman’s personal taste and sense of modesty.

Some womens sleepwear styles are designed with an adjustable white satin ribbon that is cleverly threaded through the neckline.


The hemline is another important area to consider. Many modest women prefer long nightgowns that touch the tops of their feet.

Such long nightgowns are often amazingly comfortable, provided that the hemline is wide enough so as not to restrict the length of the wearer’s stride when walking.

It’s always a wise idea to try these nightgowns before purchasing them.

A hemline that is uncomfortably short may cause the wearer to trip and fall.

If you must purchase a nightgown or

cotton nightdress with such a problematic hem, don’t despair! The problem can be easily fixed with a quick bit of sewing.

nighties You might open up each vertical seam that is usually found on each side of the night gowns and create two parallel slits; even short side slits that are only five or six inches in length can make a nightie much easier to walk.

If the thought of slits in your lingerie or intimate apparel hemline is out of the question, you may want to fill them with fabric.

Either a cotton that matches the rest of the nightgown’s material, or a contrasting fabric for a splash of unexpected color is an option.

Women who are comfortable wearing a slightly shorter white cotton nightgown can, of course, purchase a ladies nightwear style that descends to the knees or calves.

Many of these night gown styles are loosely cut and resemble an oversized mens nightshirt in appearance.

For more feminine details, look for ruffles around the hemline and neckline, and pearl or delicate buttons at the wrists.

While most nightgowns slip on over the head, many have faux buttons down the front that serve no practical function but add a great deal of romantic charm.

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